Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pick and Choose Your Battles at Safeway

From the archives, a moment I had in Safeway...

Checkout Boy: "Rhubarb is just red celery right? Why would anybody put that in a pie?"

Me: "...It's... uh... no."

Checkout Boy: "I'm sorry, I missed what you said. Paper or plastic?"

Me: *sigh* "Plastic."

Some battles just aren't worth fighting.


  1. Would it have been rude to cut off the "celery" for yourself and then give the leaves to him for him to try? ;)

  2. You really run into some good ones Garrett, and how evil of the post above {*wink}, too funny!

  3. You should consider bringing your own canvas bag next time, or get paper.

    Sorry to be a greenie...

  4. For some reason I can't comment on your current post, but I just had to say you never cease to amaze me. Those cupcakes?? Brilliant!

  5. I feel your pain. Just like my grocery trip today. NO MOCHIKO? What the hell kind of town do I live in, anyhow??

    *Sigh*. I wish I were in California...

  6. I went home (to Wyoming) to visit a few summers ago. My sis and I hit the "megamart" in town to get fresh herbs for her Italian sauce/gravy. (She lives in South Jersey).

    One fresh herb in the store..curly parsley. Pat says "how do these people live around here?" as she waved her arms about. We were both glad to get back to our respective coasts.

  7. LOL! Glad I'm not the only one who gets into conversations with the sack boys like that. Mine was
    Him: So you're buying chicken livers?
    Me: Yes.
    Him: Going fishing?
    Me: No, my husband likes them fried, occasionally. They're also called rumaki if you serve them over fried rice.
    Him: Really (as if he didn't believe me). People eat these?
    Me: Can you just sack it, please?

  8. You really find the dim ones! I've gotten some really good deals on produce because they don't know what it is: blood oranges for the price of navel, fancy peppers for the price of cheaper peppers, rhubarb at celery rates...

  9. I suppose we should be glad that he knew what celery tasted like.

  10. I had a similar experience at the supermarket this weekend. My brother and I were in line at the checkout, when the checker ran through the rhubarb that the gal in front of me had put on the conveyer belt. The checker asked her what it was. We all looked at her blandly. Honestly, that's why they put pictures in their handy-dandy notebooks for produce lookups. C'mon, people!!


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