Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"Meet Me at the L" (L Wine Lounge - Sacramento, CA)

I was recently invited to a special publicity event at the new L Wine Lounge, a little swanky place over on 18 and L in Downtown Sac. It was a fun event, and mainly due to the fact that I got to hang out with some of my fellow food freaks. Normal people, like Rob, get tired about me going on and on about food, so when you get a bunch of us together and we actually care about what we're all saying we don't shut up.

Anywho, the L is trendy and chic, with maybe a hint of pretentious. I can see on a Friday night the place being populated by metrosexuals, homosexuals, and girls attempting to look like a real life Bratz doll (who buys that gutter skank toy for their child, seriously?). The decor is well done; dark wood, hyper contemporary furniture, clever layouts and a deliciously abrupt use of lime green scattered amongst the dark espresso wood is well... fun. Though I think it was all bought from West Elm. No fault. Just an observation.

The seating is varied and plentiful, and the architecture enjoyable. Various tables, bars, sofas, and lounges, and even a courtyard invite you and your party to enjoy a glass of wine.

The wine is also varied and a plenty. I can see the snob being persnickity about no wine from here or here and blah blah blah, but the everyday shlowmo who enjoys a glass will be content (or at least pleasantly buzzed). We enjoyed a white which was good but I can;t recall anything else about it. The red was shiraz (70%) & cabernet (30%) blend and not one of the best reds I've ever had, but was warming. The only downside was the wine bar only served these two wines, so none of us really got a good scope of what they had to really offer.

The food though! Chef Amy came here from one of Sacramento's more premier restaurants, The Kitchen, and has brought with her an assortment of creative concoctions that are imaginative if not maybe a bit off the mark at times.

A little bacon crostini was truly delish, but I lurvs me my bacons and put away a few of these. Not sure if I really took the time to taste them, but they were bacon so they totally get a thumbs up. A macadamia nut bar was surprising, it paired with the white wine perfectly and was a smart cookie.

The lavender croquettes. They were starchy, warm, and good. Not great. Good. I don't like lavender in my food, and while this didn't threaten my senses, I think black pepper or something would have been a better choice. Lavender just seemed like a strange choice.

Best eat there was the little crostini with goat cheese, asparagus, and mint. My god. I almost hurt that poor server as I tried to grab more from the plate. Only miss here is that no wine after asparagus and mint is really palatable.

Prices will vary, especially at a wine bar since it really depends on what you drink and what you eat. I can see you having a glass of wine and a small bite for around $25.

All and all, it was a good time. I would like to come back and try the rest of their seasonal menu, which is open and available during lunch and late into the night (more night time options are def. a good thing!). I look forward to coming back and playing around with the menu and wine list more for a more comprehensive review.

After a bit too much wine and a little bit too little food, we all stumbled over to Zocalo's for something to sober us all up where you can continue to read how this food blogger's night out went.

L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen
1801 L Street
Downtown Sacramento


  1. Great review, Garrett! That wine shot turned out pretty nice... ;)

  2. What a great looking group of people!

    Oh, and I was wrong about your employer having a partnership with Raley's. I was thinking of a different organization. I'm blaming it on the lavendar croquettes.

  3. You guys are adorable!

    And I swear that my child will never own a Bratz doll. Gahh. I'm so glad she doesn't like them or the Barbie dolls nowadays. Skank-a-riffic much?


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