Friday, June 5, 2009

The simplest desserts sometimes require the simplest posts.

"Here you go," I handed BF the metal ice cream scoop after running it under hot water. As he plunged it into the carton of Dreyer's it easily cut through the creamy, vanilla bean, slow churned, super fatty goodness leaving a molten trail of dairy behind it. As he carefully tried to roll out perfectly spherical scoops I washed the blackberries. We had plucked them a few days ago at an Edible Sacramento staff dinner at Mike Madison's farm (the author of The Blithe Tomato), we had gathered what was probably the equivalent of $20 worth of near-Jurassic in size berries though we hadn't put a dent in the long row of well kept blackberry bushes.

We then plopped ourselves on my mangy couch with our bowls of berries-n-cream and clicked on another episode of South Park. We each then took a bite.

Quiet set in and after a few moments the silence was broken.

"Wow," uttered BF. He's a man of few words but they're usually the right ones.

"This is good," I stated.

"This is really good," he was able to reply before shoving another spoonful of the dalmatian dessert into his mouth.

Not another word was said until we had both finished our bowls.


  1. You don't know "really good" til you've had the naturalized Himalayan blackberries that grow wild in western Oregon on top of Tillamook vanilla bean icecream. Imagine what you had, but even better. The fact that you have to get all sweaty in the August sun and get stuck by blackberry thorns helps, the meaner the blackberry bush, the better the berries.

  2. I agree with you about simple desserts or food for that matter. I just love when we let food taste like food.

    Jenn, I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you about Himalayan blackberries. I live in Seattle and they grow everywhere here as well including my yard. Because I am constantly at war with them, the reward of the fruit isn't worth the amount of work it takes to keep these bushes under control.

  3. That's so funny, I was also going to mention the blackberries in Oregon. Even though they are considered a noxious weed, I still love them. I will have to say, however, that sun warmed backyard raspberries fresh picked on top of lemon gelato may be my favorite.

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