Tuesday, May 21, 2013

VG Kitchen Remodel: The Demo Begins

Remember this?

-Where the style of the seventies overdosed on weed and died, but not before painting flowers on itself.-


-And now we've begun to dig a proper grave for it.-

The demo has begun. Brian has built a new gate and is redoing the cabinets. I've been packing the old house, doing yard work, and chipping away old floors with a hammer and chisel. It's a work in progress and we aim to be done by mid-June assuming I don't have a stress-related conniption and end up painting my walls with my grey matter. 

Also, I have learned I don't handle construction well, even when it is going precisely to plan. This is because I have a terrifying disease where I second guess everything until I drive people to hurl their faces at the nearest coffee table corner to escape my questions. My contractor has to treat me like a raccoon since I panic at really most anything and wonder if such and such detail should be such and such way. In response, as if he were shaking a box of shiny objects at me, he directs me to a newly installed dimmer switch and all is right with the world for the next 12 hours. 

Crisis averted. 

-This is where the stove will be. I think. Or maybe a little to the left?-

This week I have to pack so I can move everything into the garage because it'll be a while until I have laminate and carpet in this place so right now it's a concrete cavern where every pin drop is amplified into an ear bleeding sonic boom. Napping here is impossible, and the construction guys don't seem to much appreciate it when I collapse into a pile wherever my self-diagnosed narcolepsy decides to drop me.

By the by, we have also discovered a pineapple guava tree. That bastard is coming right out. Don't much care for them and they attract rats like a Pied Piper. *shudder*

-Out. And take your stencils with you.-


  1. They(whoever that is)always say that moving is one of life's top stresses. Combine that with the total devastation of your new home and you have every right to be out of sorts and with no place to lay your weary head. Wishing you the best and thanks for the photos.


  2. You are hilarious ! and you're going to have an awesome kitchen / house !

  3. Oh my goodness you dear man! Just keep reminding yourself how fabulous it will be when it's finished.

  4. Maybe use the wood from the pineapple guava tree for cabinets?

  5. Great job!! I really appreciate your work because you did this work own.Your project inspire me to do remodeling of my home also.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Like the shot of your safety shoes California style!
    It amazed me that when we did our kitchen remodel they took it down to studs in one 10 hour day. It went from kitchen to nothing remotely like a finished room.
    And four months later, we had a kitchen.
    Persevere. It is not easy.

  7. My husband ALWAYS saves the cabinets....for the garage of course. You can never have too much storage there.

    I can't wait to see the finished project.

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  9. I had fun catching up on your blog this afternoon -- I can almost see the cheese board on your future counter tops. Good luck with all of this! And stay strong, dear one. It's not easy to live with a kitchen in chaos.

  10. Everything will turn out fine. Our family had the same feeling when we remodelled our kitchen. We feared that it will not be as good but when it was done, we were all so happy and satisfied with the new look that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen after that. :)
    - PalmettoKitchenBath.com


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