Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ice Cream Bandwagon & Wine Uncorked

Yep, after getting an ice cream maker from Rob, and David Lebovitz's book from my mom (gotta love b-day swag, dontcha'?) I have been making a lot of ice cream. So far vanilla ice cream, rice pudding gelato, and now lime sorbet have come out of our kitchen.

It's nice to have frozen treats so readily available now that the heat is coming. But as for cupcakes? No worries, we'll just have to fill them with ice cream, now won't we? Expect to see a few of those coming up next week!


Edible Sacramento is putting on an awesome wine tasting event for all of you winos out there! Be sure to check it out, if you love your local wine producers!

Quarry Ponds Uncorked

Featuring Placer County Wineries and local seasonal fare prepared by Pullman Kitchen.
Sip, dine and chat with our local vintners while strolling through the Market Hallway.

Sunday, June 24
4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

$30 per person
($25 for Slow Food Members)
includes a Riedel wine glass

Charlie Green Family Winery . Dono dal Cielo
Fawn Ridge Winery . Mount Vernon
Ophir . Pescatore Winery
Secret Ravine Winery . Vina Castellano Winery

To make a reservation and pay by credit card
please call 916.786.5511.
To pay by check, mail check to:
Events at Quarry Ponds - 5540 Douglas Blvd. Ste 110
Granite Bay, CA 95746


  1. I'm dying for an icecream maker!

    which one do you think a culinary novice should have?

  2. That rice pudding gelato sounds good. I just got an ice cream machine this passed weekend. It was 18$ at Lowes. =) It was a steal!

    I have been contemplating what type of sorbet to make first and this lime sorbet looks so delish!


  3. Mmmmm..... Ice cream (Homer face, tongue hanging out, eyeballs rolled back half opened) LOL!!!

    I just started drinking wine about a month ago, and my fave so far is a good Shiraz, but alas this event is too far for me :(

    Thanks for the tip on the cupcakes hun....I'll let you know how they turn out!


  4. Meghan - We have a cuisinart, and love it!

    Michelle - Go crazy with it, I know I have.

    Linda - Coolness, def. let me know how it goes with those cupcakes. If it doesn't work then I apologize, lol.

  5. Hi Garrett,

    Ice cream makers are the best fun! Here are some recipes I really like that are not the standard ones:

    (1)Marzipan Sorbet.

    Make a syrup by boiling 600ml water with 100g sugar. Melt 60g of marzipan over a low heat in the syrup until smooth. Allow to cool and add a few drops of orange, rose or almond water (or not, to taste). Freeze in an ice cream maker. It will turn our like almond snow.

    (2)Pomegranate sorbet (Elizabeth David)

    Combine 600ml pomegranate juice, the juice of a sweet orange and 300ml of a full bodied red wine. Add to a sugar syrup made with 180g sugar and 90-120ml water. Freeze. No one will guess the ingredients due to an exotic flavour. Fresh pomegranate juice is easy (if potentially messy!) to make. Slice in half and juice with a citus juicer while wearing red clothes or swimming togs....

    (3) Lemon sorbet with saffron.

    This is lemon sorbet of an extraordinary colour and a hint of the ocean. Corn syrup also in this recipe to smooth out the crystals.

    Combine 1.75 cups of water with 1.5 cups sugar over heat. Add crushed saffron threads (to taste) and allow to infuse fo 5-10 minutes. Add 1.25 cups of lemon jice and 5 tablespoons of corn syrup. Freeze.

    and last

    (4) Green honeydew sorbet with orange blossom water.

    I was inspired to make this after having a melon salad in Spain.

    Take a very ripe honeydew (green melon) blend with sugar syrup and add orange blossom water (up to half a tsp). Freeze.

    The beauty of sorbets is the subtle flavour variation that can be achieved. Can't wait for summer!




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