Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vanilla Garlic Has Upgraded!

Well, with grad school soon approaching it was time to finally invest in some new equipment. Rob and I have been sharing my desktop ever since my old laptop crashed out on me, and it's been difficult (Read: near-homicidal).

Luckilly, thanks to the amazing generosity of The Father on my birthday (who I should also thank for having a birthday in the first place) I am now writing on a new Compaq Presario F500 laptop. I also have Rob to thank for setting up the whole thing with Windows and whatnot. Now I can study, write for school, and of course blog from anywhere.

Yes, it is a joyous day here in the Vanilla Garlic household. A joyous day indeed.

Oh yeah, and I named the computer Chloe.


By the by, the Happy Tails people raised over $900 at the bake sale!!! Thanks to everyone who bought baked goods!


  1. Happy Birthday and Happy New Computer! :)

  2. cool! Chloe is a nice name.


  3. Happy Birthday! My laptop's name is Fred. Glad I'm not the only one who names everything.

  4. I can't wait to see what else you type out on Chloe. I am sure she will suit you well.

  5. My laptop name changes depends on my mood....
    "Veal Chops" when I'm cooking and looking up recipes
    "Money Maker" when I'm working
    "Jeff Stroker" when I'm surfing porn


  6. and I thought you were a mac guy... silly me - and shame on you for not being one!!! tsk tsk tsk....

  7. Yay! Belated Natal Day Happies and much thanks to the father who spawned you and gave you Chloe :)

    Gotta catch up on reading the blog now...

    Liz (aka Lillbet)

  8. Happy birthday! You & Chloe will go far together.


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