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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I swear to God, I'm gonna' get fired and I won't have anyone to blame but the coalition of S.F. food bloggers. They have gotten me adddicted to their damn food blogs. I read them all day. They're like my coke, but without the 80's music in the background.

They all ranged from cupcakes to restaurant reviews, but each one of course was located and surrounded topics all in... wait for it... San Francisco! Surprise, surprise.

Entertaining yes, but not very helpful to me. So I searched for some in the Sacramento area. Yet, as the crap shoot that is my life has demonstrated time and again, I have shit luck. Not one Sacramento food blog has been written, let alone has the Sacramento area even been mentioned in one. All that exists are travel guides run by big ol' websites, and local restaurant critics who get free meals, which I think might influence their opinions.

I am here to remedy that problem.

Well, no, that's too altruistic. I do this for selfish reasons, too. (I live in California, what can I say?) I want to be a food writer and this is the next best thing. Plus, I can write food histories, fun recipes, and so on here at my blog. Of course, the restaurant reviews and certain events and misadventures will all be Sacramento based (but never fear, Davis, Woodland, Natomas, and so on for you will not be left out).

And who knows? Maybe my little soapbox might actually help people out in their culinary times of need and curiosity.


  1. Hi Garrett,
    Welcome to the food blogosphere! By the way, there are a few Sacramento food bloggers around.
    My blog is Simply Recipes, and I live in Carmichael. Also in Carmichael is Andrea of Rookie Cookery. Right in Davis you'll find Brendon, of Something in Season.

  2. Yep. It's true. I'm here in Davis. Plus, there are others! is written by several local undergraduates. Also, there's a food blog written in portugese!


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