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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So What Does Vanilla Garlic Focus On?

Vanilla Garlic originally started back when the food blog world was young and there wasn't much food information online yet, let alone a restaurant guide for Sacramento. I decided the blog would be a chance for me to try out new restaurants and writeup my own reviews. Eventually, I started to include cookbook reviews, and use the blog as a space to write down my favorite recipes. A year later I went on a cupcake craze and this became one of the top cupcake blogs with a huge repertoire of original recipes.

Nowadays, I just write about my adventures and experiences in the many facets of the food world. People seem to like to read my stories and posts and I'm more than happy to share them.

Are All Your Stories True?

Yes. I do change names or locations at times, but the events I write about do actually happen. Oftentimes, I may simply combine two or three different events together into one instance for the sake of story-telling. Ahh, the powers of creative non-fiction.

Do You Review Products?

I love to try new things, but don't always have time. If I agree to accept your product I do not guarantee a review on the blog in return. However, more than likely if I said yes to begin with I have an interest in doing so. If you want me to review cheese I will almost always say yes because - Christ Almighty - it's cheese. I usually ask for some product to give away to blog readers in a contest so as to drive up hype for the product. For the review I am more than happy to work with you in the process on driving traffic to your Facebook page, website, etc. Just tell me what you want and we'll find a solution that best shows off your swagger.

Do You Review Cookbooks?

Yes, but I'm picky about what I pick up and only review those which catch my interest. Furthermore, I prefer to be able to talk to the author in order to write a good review should I decide to. If I do review it, I read the book cover to cover and then prepare about five of the recipes to ensure the review is fair and thorough. Afterward, I will review the book and, preferably, give a copy away on the blog. For the review I am more than happy to work with you in the process on driving traffic to your Facebook page, website, etc. Just tell me what you want and we'll find a solution that best shows off the book.

Do You Review Restaurants?

I enjoy doing so very much, but I usually do it on my own time. It's not often I go to tasting dinners or openings (though it has been known to happen). Furthermore, I believe a review is only really fair if I eat at a restaurant as a regular paying customer. This usually means if I love your opening/tasting/event then I will swing by again on my own dollar to get a street-level view of how your place works to ensure a fair review.

Can I Talk To You About Your Research?

Of course! I feel that sharing resources and information is one of the best parts of academia. Please e-mail me about any specifics.

Will your write/cook/develop a recipe for us?

I would love to. I've done recipe writing for Gourmet, Saveur, Cheese Connoisseur, and written a cookbook. I'm also a trained pastry cook. I've got the chops. Write me and we can discuss payment options and what you need.

I am more than happy to do some charity work for nonprofits and any good causes should you have one to present. I come from the nonprofit world so I understand your needs.

I specialize in baking, cheese, and Chinese cooking. For more about my work, check out my personal website.

My Cupcakes Aren't Working, What Should I Do?

Yes, this used to be a cupcake blog and you'll find a lot of cupcake recipes here. If you have questions I made a handy little cupcake troubleshooting guide just for you.

I hear you are working on a cookbook?

Currently, I am also writing a book with fellow food writer Stephanie Stiavetti called, Melt: The art of Macaroni and Cheese. To be released in Fall 2013 by Little, Brown. If you have questions about it I would love to answer them as I love chatting cheese.


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