Ole Mole! (Tres Hermanas - Sacramento, CA)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I have to admit my shameful secret. I hate Italian food and Mexican food. Honestly, I can't really say why, I'm just very picky with it, and for some reason the flavors and tastes just don't do much for me. America and it's overall bland palette I suppose destroyed them for me. So when I found myself suddenly jonse'en for some Mexican, I realized that I would need to find someplace authentic that wouldn't disappoint.

Luckilly, three sisters (and their brother) from Chihuahua, Mexico moved to Sacramento and opened a fabulous little place called Tres Hermanas. And it is through here that Sonia, Dora, and Norma (and Sergio) have given Midtown a new latin flare!

First thing I want to touch upon is the wonderful atmosphere you find upon arriving. Nothing here is tacky Mexican like a pinata theme gone wrong like so many other Mexican restaurants. The outdoor patio is a sight to behold, the murals and painted doors and colorful and tasteful, the awesome lighting truly takes you to Chihuahua, and the interior as a whole playfully calls to you, "Bienvenidos!"

The wait staff matches the decorum. They are friendly, witty, personable, and really know their menu. A staff like this cannot simply be trained to be personable. Each employee is a family friend who is truly happy to welcome you, and pleased to inform you about the history of the dishes, adding a unique dimension to the food. I did however find myself confounded when trying to identify the other ingredients to the Creamy Cilantro Dressing on my salad, to which the unanimous smiling reply was, "It's a secret."

The menu is widely diverse with authentic Northern Mexican dishes. Seafood lovers and vegetarians are more than welcome as they have plenty of dishes for you as well. Many dishes are served with either their Roja, Verde, or Mole sauce. Mole sauce is a traditional spicy sauce made from raw cocoa beans, chilies, and spices; its bittersweet spicy bite is truly something to behold. Warning though, their salsas and sauces are made to Mexican heat standards, meaning their mild is probably your version of hot. Of course, no Mexican menu would be complete without aqua frescas such as horchata (sweet rice milk with cinnamon) and tamarindo (tamarind juice).

While the meal is offered with a homemade Mexican style soup or salad, I couldn't resist the idea of the forementioned cilantro dressing, since cilantro is my main gurl when it comes to spices. In fact, Rob and our friend Joshua all felt the cliantro's warm, earthy and inviting compulsion. The salads came accompanied with our order of fresh guacamole. The guac was pinnacle guac; avocados, tomatoes, garlic, and some salt. The only way I could stop gorging it into my fat face was by reminding myself that there was more to come.

Our orders arrived soon after, which I was surprised as the place was bustleing and expected them to be running behind. These girls obviously have things down pat. The Chile Verde Burrito y Enchilada de Pollo. The burrito came with the deliciously heat intense tomatillo sauce, and the tamale covered in rich cheese and mole. My dish I forgot the name of, but I got C's in my Spanish classes so what do you want from me? Regardless, the dish itself was unforgetable. A tamale with spice, cheese, and ranchero suace, dutifully acccompanied by a firey mole drenched tamale. Both orders came with a generous amount of beans and rice. Rob and I were thankful we had the cooling horchata to help cool the firery flavors. Joshua and his coke were not so lucky.

By then end, we were too darn full for dessert. Forgive me my weakness. I'll make sure to hit up next time, and believe me there will be a next time. The price for three large plates, drinks, and guac was all more than reasonable. We actually thought there was an error on the bill. I was joyed to take my leftovers home and delight myself in culinary sisterly love the next day.

Overall, I would give Tres Hermanas a 5 out of 5. Honestly, for the price, menu variety, taste of the food, and quality of the surroundings and service, I have nothing negative to say. The only downside is that they don't have a website and thus, you can't preview a menu beforehand, however, braving it will be the smartest thing you'll have done all week. Ole' and out.

Tres Hermanas
2416 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 443-6919


  1. Garrett Garrett Garrett! Dessert FIRST, that's the secret! ;-)

    Was the creamy cilantro dressing basically a buttermilk ranch, or based on sour cream perhaps? Either way, sounds good!

  2. This is my very favorite restaurant and next time you have to try the soup. The ablondigas (meatball soup) is to die for. And if you get in on a weekend for brunch the pozole is not to shabby either.

  3. Great Blog - we're new to Sac out of Los Angeles. Tres Hermanas is the best! The salsa is too spicy for me, but the margaritas (depending on who is tending bar) are amazing. They add fresh lime juice to the marg so it isn't too sweet. Cilantro dressing is creamy and delish, and the staff is really friendly.

  4. I ate there last November when I was visiting and it was one of the best Mexican restaurants I've been to. I went there because of your review.

    I saw that you can add your reviews on Urbanspoon and thought you might want to add your's so other people can read your thoughts on it.


  5. Tres Hermanas has been a family favorite for years. Friendly staff and inviting atmosphere. For those new to the area, or even those who never venture out, should try this location. The carnitas are especially a favorite with the moist flavorful inside and a crisp exterior, no one can compare. Enjoy.


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