Leetle Beebee Lemongrass

Friday, May 8, 2009

So many people told me how un-killable rosemary was. How hearty it was. Strong and resilient. A model plant.

Well, I showed them. I killed the hell out of plenty of them. So when people kept telling me how tough lemongrass was I decided to try it out and prove them wrong. Luckily, I work with not only a proficient cook, but a talented gardener named Marco.

When I asked Marco about lemongrass he told me how a tiny sprout had completely taken over his yard without his doing a thing. All he had to do was keep the ground around it a little wet. I asked him if he could possibly cut a piece or two off for me and get them going. Like any happy gardener, more than eager to preach the green gospel, he readily agreed.

Two weeks later he gave me this pot of soil with three sprouting heads of lemongrass inside. The sprouts were itsy-bitsy, nothing more than scions of citrus smelling grass with long blades sprouting tall out of them. Now, unlike previous gardening experiments I planned to keep this pot out on the back patio at my work, away from my shady side yard where the fig tree lets no light in. There I can care for it nearly every day and should something seem amiss I can easily ask Marco for some advice. I figure if I have a tutor nearby the plant has a much better chance at living, a sort of guardian angel against me, the Jason Voorhees of house plants.

Soon, I will attempt mint and thyme as well. My hope is that soon I can actually have a small herb garden at work and that I won't murder the whole lot of it. Sure, it won't be out my window, mere steps away from the kitchen. The point here is to learn to keep these little bastards alive and then take the lessons with me when I'm in a space where I can keep them at home.


  1. I once had a lemongrass plant. If I were good with limericks I could make up one for how I managed to kill that poor thing. Feel free to pass along any other tips Marco shares!

  2. please - because I just bought one this weekend and it already looks pathetic! :P Of course, i've never killed rosemary so maybe it will be OK

  3. Make lemongrass tea with the left over stalk- delicious.

  4. We killed a rosemary plant at work this week *head desk*
    They're not nearly as resiliant as you would be lead to beleive.
    Mind you my thumbs are generally pretty green.

  5. I planted mint once and it took over a small plot of my garden with almost no effort on my behalf. Good luck.

  6. Oregano, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, all growing like weeds.. lemon grass... killed it. Good luck hope yours grows. Everyone said it grows like a weed..not for me.

  7. Mint! My nemesis. The BANE of my garden . . . when we moved in there was a large patch around the base of the roses. No matter how many times I pull it all out, no matter how many roots I ferret out of the deep earth, it rises again, a mentholated phoenix.
    Sometimes a brown thumb is a blessing.

  8. Yes, I too killed my rosemary plant. It still sits on the steps of my deck looking like a small shrived christmas tree. Good luck with the lemongrass!

    galeforcewind: I was once told that mint is the devil in disguise and I was absolutely never to plant it out side of a planter, and with nothing else in said planter. Good luck with that.

  9. Mint is insanely easy. May wanna put it in a pot so it doesn't get out of hand like others have alluded to. Plus you can make mint jelly!


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