Eat Beast Commands You to Buy Baked Goods

Monday, June 4, 2007

This post is for those of you in Sacramento who have a big heart and a sweet tooth. This Thursday there's going to be quite a nifty bake sale going on. It's to help raise money for the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary. It's a no-kill, no cage pet home for kitty cats that need a home and some lovin'.

Kristy and I are planning to donate some tasty baked goods, which in my case means, duh, cupcakes. So be sure to pick some up.

Personally, I'm very happy to do this as both of my cats are shelter kitties. Actually, let me tell you why Mace the Eat Beast is such an Eat Beast to begin with.

Mace was actually living with 9 other cats in a car. Locked inside, 24/7, sleeping amongst all the cats and cat waste with fresh air coming in through only one cracked window. The owner would only feed them once in a while, so when he had a chance at food, he had to compete for it and be sure to eat as much as he could since he never knew when his next meal would be. When we adopted Mace he was skinny as a rail with ribs showing, and light as a feather. When he started getting regular meals, he had already ingrained an instinct to eat as much as possible as it would possibly be his last meal.

Mace was actually a lucky cat as he was taken out of that environment early on when he was still a kitten and found a home. I know I complain about him a lot, but he's actually a total sweetheart, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

So do all those felines out there a favor and buy some baked goods this Thursday, June 7th on 11th and L on the Capitol Grounds at the Capitol Building here in Sac. They'll be on sale from 8am-3pm.


  1. Hope the sale goes well. I like the idea.

  2. Do they still need donations of baked goods? I'm quite the brownie maker myself & worked as a baker throughout college. Is there the option to package things individually, like donating a couple dozen good-sized brownies that can be sold for $1 each?

  3. Becky - I would check with Kristy, she has a link and contact number for the person in charge, I am sure they are still wlecoming any and all baked goods. :)

  4. Can't make it but thanks for helping out the little furry beasts. I am the proud father of three orphaned kitties myself. I was just supposed to foster them but I am a sucker....
    Check this out, it could be you!


  5. We found 2 dumped kittens last week, vary cute, they had been left at my sons preschool, we gathered them up and took them to our local cat protection society, who will find loving homes for them. We already have two cats so we couldn't keep them, but I was close to giving in.

  6. He is a lucky cat. I wish I lived close to buy some of those delish cupcakes! You guys RAWK.

  7. I love your cat and the Eat Beast stories! Can't wait until he strikes again =)

  8. I'm in NY but greatly support organizations that lovingly and respectfully care for our beloved furry friends. Obviously I can't get there for the bake sale but I can send them a donation. Thanks Garrett


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