My Friends Rawk & The Big 2-4

Sunday, June 3, 2007

So this last Saturday I turned the big 2-4. (Yes, I'm a youngin', why does this keep shocking people?) Since it was my b-day and Ann and Kristy had their b-days fast approaching we all decided back at Zocolo to take our same little troupe plus spouses and a few other non-blogging guests to Kru for sushi. We make a fabulous dining party let me tell you; the life of the whole damn restaurant.

We all tasted and critiqued sushi. I proved Rob the Hermit really did exist. We chatted food, politics, the newspaper, and dental hygiene (there was a dentist among us). Afterwards, Ann surprised us all with some awesome carrot cupcakes with coriander cream cheese frosting which were totally shibby. She and her hubby Bob also got me an awesome little cupcake carrier which is the cutest thing eff-ing ever.

Anyways, it was a fabulous time. One of those nights that really makes you appreciate the family and friends you've got in life.


  1. Happy Birthday Garrett!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic night!

  2. Us geminis is CRAY-ZEE! :)
    xoxo Happy Birthday...get ready to roll it up again in 2 weeks!

  3. hippo

    I think I remember that.

    twas the year I stopped the drink and started the kitchen.

    happy happy joy joy.
    no, really.


  4. Veels geluk, buon compleano, very many happy returns on your 24th birthday!

    I hope you had a blast and that the year ahead is a prosperous and eventful one for you.

  5. Belated happy birthday, Garrett. Sounds like you had a great time.

  6. I think the age thing surprises people because you're wise beyond your years. You have your act together, whereas many people your age do not. Being responsible, well-spoken, educated (but still with a thirst for knowledge), and as socially skilled as you are are all admirable traits -- one we older types don't often see in the younger set. It's not a bad thing at all! We're just jealous of your youth. Thanks for including the Eats in your b-day plans!

  7. Happy belated Garrett!



  8. HaPpY late BiRtHdAy!!!! My hubby just turned 25 on Saturday. So I'm guessing your the younger perfect version of him! :)


  9. Happy belated birthday to you!!! I thought you were my age! (Close to 30! hey don't smack me for that, you seem very mature, that is a good thing!)

    :) Geminis rock! (Coming from a Libra!)


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