Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm typing this after two of these, hoping there are no typing errors. Very fruity. Very tasty. Very tipsy. Mandarinquats or maybe limequats would rock too. Be sure to check out the recipe for candied kumquats at Simply Recipes.

3 ounces of Mandarin Vodka
1 ounce of White Cranberry Juice
1 ounce of Orange Juice
a few candied kumquats

Shake vodka and juice over ice. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with some candied kumquats. (Chopped regular kumquats are fine too.)


  1. This looks like the perfect cocktail. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very fun to see how you're making the most of those kumquats the universe so generously decided to bestow upon you!

  3. I have just recently found out what a kumquat is, we have a small bush in our yard. I had no idea of how to use them and now I am excited to try the recipe! Thanks!

  4. This sounds absolutely delicious! I've only had dried kumquats before - next time I'm lucky enough to see fresh kumquats at our supermarket I'll definitely give them a try.


  5. Hey Garrett!

    I desperately need one of those Kumquatinis right about now. Maybe it'd cheer me up! They sound absolutely divine.

  6. These rock! I'm going to mix up a batch with tangerines.


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