Wifebeater Party!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hank and Holly recently hosted their annual Wifebeater Party. It's a pretty straightforward gig. Good wild game BBQ such as antelope heart with cracked pepper and lemon and grilled wild duck, lots of beer and wine and vodka and champagne and cocktails, and everyone in a wifebeater for a deliciously redneck sort of theme. Really, hunters who can cook throw some of the best parties.Even more awesome and funny? I found out later I was drinking with a professor from my department in grad school. All decked out in a trailer trash ensemble. Hi-LARIOUS. (No pictures or names for ya'll, sorry.)Good times with good people.


  1. How fun. They live in my area. What an artist they both are too.

  2. What's a wifebeater? Is it the jeans- white tanktop combo they're wearing?

    Over hear wifebeater is a nickname for a particularly strong lager.

  3. This sounds awesome, and luckily it was so much better than it sounded from your tagline! Sounds like a really good time.

  4. Ros - A wifebeater is also called an A-Shirt. Just the colloquial street name for them.

  5. Now that is funny! I like the WB shirts.

  6. The deer heart was definitely good.


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