Edible Sacramento & Waterboy Dinner

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be sure to check out the new issue of Edible Sacramento, the piece I worked on made cover so yay! It talks about the use of fresh, local ingredients in cocktails and highlights Lounge on 20, HAWKS, and Paul Martin's American Bistro. The pics with the article are by the most awesome Holly, and her shots are worth checking out. It's definitely, on the whole, one of the best issues we have ever put out. If you enjoy it I hope you'll look into purchasing a subscription and supporting local food writers. *cough cough*

Also, a special note, Edible Sac is co-sponsoring a special dinner at The Waterboy. Four course meal with pairings from Kunde Estate Winery. Very shnazy. Plus you can meet our swanky ES editors and talk to them about the magazine and give 'em your input!


  1. congratulations! The cover shot is fantastic.

  2. Anything that happens at The Waterboy is worth attending...god, I love that place.


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