White Linen and Lavender

Sunday, August 29, 2010

-Grapes growing for Syrah.-

A blog is supposed to be a personal project, an egotistical act that celebrates your own interests and life events. If other people decide to come and indulge in your stories essentially making you a one ring, Z-List tabloid of sorts then that's great. Every blogger always appreciates that.

-Jill and Alan, the happy couple.-

However, today, I wanted to share someone else's life, or, at least, talk about someone important in mine.

-Morgan Hill, California as seen from Guglielmo Winery.-

On the very first day of graduate school, in our very first class, I met two wonderful people. Kim, Jill and I sat next to each other in our Introduction to Literary Theory class due to familiarity and fear. We were drawn to sit down next to one another as we were the only blonds in the room and had decided to seek shelter in this frightening new voyage we had all embarked upon by surrounding ourselves with similar faces. By the end of the class we had all decided to get together for dinner to better know each other and to further complain about reading Joseph Conrad's, Heart of Darkness for the umpteenth time in our academic lives. While we eventually made friends with nearly everyone in our class the three of us carried a special supportive bond that's been indispensable to us all.

-Kim and I made sure that we matched for the wedding (BF got a free get-out-of-the-wedding pass this day.)-

It's four years later, and yesterday Kim and I attended Jill's wedding to a upstanding man named Alan. Held at a winery in Morgan Hill (it was, oddly enough, located across the street from the local High School) the wedding was intimate, simple, and clean. Freshly composed of white linens, hydrangeas and lavender it was one of those weddings most little girls dream about and preenact with courts of stuffed animals.

-Linen and lavender made for an elegant theme and tablescape.-

Jill looked beautiful, Alan looked stunning, and the parents looked proud. Of course, so were Kim and I. Congratulations, Jill. I love you lots; and may your marriage be as engaging, intelligent, and as fun as you are.

-Newly Married!-

-The cake was surrounded by wedding photos of family members from both sides. The pictures dated back generations.-

-Yes, there was a mariachi band. It was awesome. I normally don't care for it but this was beautiful, well composed, and completely appropriate if you know the couple.-

-Simple satchels of lavender for the guests as a thank you.-


  1. What a treat to get a sneak pick of Jill's wedding photos. Thanks for posting, Garrett!

  2. I have attended hundreds of weddings (as the violist in a string quartet) and I have a special fondness for them. Which makes me even more sad that everyone isn't legally allowed to have one. Total crap.

    Beautiful photos - looks like a gorgeous wedding!

  3. YAY! I love that you shared these Garrett - this wedding is a fabulous representation of simple elegance. I love the touches of lavender - it's so fun to have a scent like that take you back to the day you married your beloved. Jill looked GORGEOUS as usual!

  4. Thank you for your beautiful words and photos, Garrett. What a kind and delightful way to enable us to prolong the memories!

  5. This is so nicely done. I am proud to call Alan my nephew and Jill my niece-in-law. The day was picture perfect and so lovely. You captured it well. Thank you for sharing these photos and your thoughts.

  6. Beautiful blog Garrett- beautiful people and a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great friend you are Garrett to share my son, Alan and daugher in law, Jills wedding on your blog. Some of the finer details were described beautifully!
    And the photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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