This is My God Now

Friday, September 10, 2010

-"Each piece of flatbread dough will be exactly three ounces. So sayeth your God."-

You may think I'm joking. But if you've worked in a professional baking kitchen then you know the truth. This is your source of focus and the Truthsayer of the kitchen. Only the scale can be trusted.

Just a heads-up on the internship: I'm doing a bit more blogging on the subject in a few other places. Check out my ongoing mini-series over at the local Sacramento blog, Eat & Drink. I was also recently profiled in the Sacramento Bee. Furthermore, you can find one of the most popular recipes from the pastry department I work in over at Simply Recipes. It's for butterscotch cookies. They are crazy good. As in, screw your significant other/best friend/child/parents I want the whole batch for myself good.

Picture by Ashlee Gadd.


  1. Well, when it comes to gods like that, I guess seeing really is believing... ;)

  2. Where would I be without my kitchen scale?? (And the spare scale I got at a yard sale just in case my other one breaks!!)


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