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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So tired, no time to post. Archived post today. A favorite of mine. Hope you like it. 

So I have read about The Food Whore and her horror at how people act in buffets or other serve-yourself venues, but I had never experienced it first hand. I have certainly seen many, many, many other versions of stupid. Just not this specific example.

Until today.

I went to Safeway for lunch because I simply adore their soups. As in I will do a little dance for their delicious roasted corn chowder adore their soups.

They have plenty of pre-made containers of soups for purchase which can give you two hearty meals, but they also always have four piping hot ones for you to select in case you just can't get to a microwave or stove. They offer you ladles and little spoons and sample cups to help you taste and make your decision.

I already had my mind firmly placed on my booty shakin' corn chowder, so I figured I might as well have a quickie sample of the other four. I went to go get a taste of the Italian Wedding soup when suddenly a finger cut me off and dipped it's way into the soup, only to be quickly retracted with a high yelp to my side.

"Ow! It's hot!"

I just stared at the woman as she sucked her burnt Italian Wedding finger. I knew my eyes were as big as dinner plates. It was a full on stare.

She looked at me and angrily pleaded her defense, "It's too hot! This soup could hurt someone!"

I finally snapped it together, "There's a ladle and sample cups to prevent that."

"Well, I didn't want that much, just a small taste, but the soup is too hot."

I just kept staring for a second with my mouth open like a caught fish. Should I go into the health laws in place? The rudeness and utter disgust I was feeling? How she would like it if I stuck my fingers into her food? How she was a total fucking moron for touching something steaming hot to begin with?

I saw a Safeway worker some up and start talking to her as he took out the soup, but I didn't really hear what was said. I just grabbed my corn chowder and left. I did not taste the other soups.


What the hell is wrong with these people?


  1. Utterly shocking.
    How do you attrack these people?

  2. All I can say is gross! I would have had to say why would you dip your finger in food that others eat and have you dipped your finger in all the other soups before I pay for mine. Nasty Heffa!!!!

  3. I think we should all go to her house and stick our fingers in all her food in the fridge.

    ridiculous behavior

  4. Next time they see her coming, perhaps they'll stick a mouse trap into the soup just waiting for her finger. She deserved the burn.

  5. Nothing is better than at a festival the "bread and olive oil samples" that people graze on all day...double dippers in the hot sun....mmmmmmm.....

  6. No- no way. That's absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did see one time, in a very desperate stop for food, at a KFC Buffett someone there pulling off the chicken skin - leaving the chicken, and just piling up the skin on their plate. EWWWW. and yes- KFC buffett is super EWW- but it was a desperate times!

  7. I guess, in an attempt to find something positive to think about that... at least the Safeway employee removed the soup. But then I have to wonder if they actually trashed the soup or if they turned around and put it back out again.

    How did you resist waiting until she got her food and then going over and sticking your finger in it? :-)

  8. Yet another good reason to cook your own food and eat at home.

  9. That woman was truly disgusting. Who know where her hands have been and it's rude, gross. YUCK!!!

  10. Yikes!!

    I have no self control at moments like that! I totally would have blurted something out. o_O

    How old was she? Please tell me she was a clueless teenager or something?

  11. Never do self-service anything - they are germ ridden!

  12. lea - i think she was in her late thirties

  13. Appalling.

    I am constantly amazed and impressed with your ability to, in the moment, react with some modicum of decorum while still letting her see your surprise at her behavior.

    Yikes. (shudder)

  14. AND she gave you attitude too?? What a freak.

    Keep a Camera handy, Garrett. I wanna know what these people look like!

  15. That is disgusting! What the hell is wrong with people?? I would have warned everyone going for that soup afterwards too! Eww.

  16. This is the reason I stopped eating out at buffet restaurants. People are gross and they just have no bloody manners. Sizzler here in Australia sucks and teenagers think it's funny to stick their dirty paws on the food. I work in waste management and one of my customers is Pizza Hut and I had to go out the back in the kitchen to get to where our bins were. Here was a snotty teenager needing some pizza dough, sweating all over it, just dripping from her forehead. Yuk, Gross and I never eat take out pizza now. I always make my own. Sends shivers down my spine ahhhhhhh........


    I think I just threw up a little.

    I'm going to pretend this was a very rare incident that just never ever happens.

    Really its better not to think about stuff like that because, I know if I did, I would become agoraphobic.

  18. Absolutely gross. And the worst of all is she was convinced she was doung the right thing... rude!!!!

  19. Oy! People never cease to amaze, and not in a good way.

  20. OMG, this happened at Safeway up in Fair Oaks too, except this person actually DRANK FROM THE LADLE used to ladle the soup into your container!!! How f*ing moronic can people actually be? Another observer and I had to actually get the store person and tell them what happened to get the soup taken away.

  21. i'm wondering if its just cuz mercury is getting ready to go into retrograde, or if you've got a strange attractor to these people, or if its just your area has a high concentration of inconsiderate people.

  22. ewwwwww. what is wrong with people? wonder if she tried to sue? if she is dumb enough to do what she did, then i'll bet she is dumb enough to try and sue!

  23. I once saw a man reach into a bakery cabinet and take a donut, take a bite, put the donut back. Take another donut, put the donut back. Like three times! He knew I was watching him. I've never seen anything like that. But, at least in this instance, you could SEE the bite. I can't believe someone would put their finger in the soup. WOuld even want too! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


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