Cumin Toast Crunch

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So a future cooking note to take to heart when you just wake up and really tired, not paying attention, and your nose is so stuffy you can't smell a single damn thing. If you decide to make cinnamon toast be absolutely sure that it's cinnamon you are sprinkling on.

Not cumin.

Worst breakfast ever.


  1. Ugh, that's gross, although I actually thought this was going to be some interesting recipe for cumin toast that goes with a savory meal.

  2. Oh man...
    I'd imagine it cleared you nose up AND woke you up... mission accomplished ;)

  3. sorry to laugh, but that is pretty funny...

  4. Allegra first, then cinnamon toast. Maybe you sinuses would have been better off if you had made cayenne toast!

  5. LOL! Reminds me of the time I used vanilla extract in a stir fry instead of soy sauce. Yep, it was as bad as you imagine.

  6. ICK!

    I hope your taste buds recover soon, along with the rest of you!

  7. Oohhhhhhh. You poor thing! I can't stop laughing, but I really do feel bad for you. Feel better.

  8. Haha!
    My dad once put cinnamon on a shepard's pie (paté chinois in Quebec) instead of Paprika... Even though he scooped it all off, it still tasted a little funny!

  9. HAHA! My worst is salt instead of sugar. I was about 10 years old baking cookies at my grandmas. They smelled delicious, but needless to say were quite inedible.


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