The Restaurant Review that Never Was (Paul Martin's American Bistro) -OR- Of All The Tires and Luck

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Update: I finally got a chance to go, so be sure to read the updated review here. This post consists of my car breaking down and some background info on the restaurant.

So last night I was supposed to go to a fabulous little mock service at Paul Martin's American Bistro which just opened in Roseville. It seemed like such an event to go to, and I was all pumped up. Plus, it helped having some ins from friends Ashley and Kaiti who were doing the publicity for the place, natch.

Our reservations were for 8 pm last night, I was already feeling encouraged by the service I received over the phone. The hostess was clear, personable, helpful and concise and would continue to be later last night as well.

Earlier in the day Rob and I had decided to go see some friends I hadn't seen in a while who were visiting from So Cal. After a raucous day of gossip and reminiscing Rob and I took off from Oakland with ample time to get to Roseville.

But then there was the traffic. Caused by no less than three different accidents. I called ahead and asked if our reservation could be pushed back to 8:45. The hostess was accommodating and set it all up.

Then we were the cause of traffic as another tire blew (this makes 3 in the last four months I think). Seeing as we only had a turn-crank piece of shit from Korea jack and it was dark out it took a good 30 minutes to pop on the spare. Since the spare is a simple donut tire which notes "DO NOT DRIVE OVER 40 MPH" we knew we had no chance of making it. I called and let them know to give our table to any walk-ins that might occur. The hostess was understanding and wished me the best of luck and sounded genuine in her concern and well wishing to a resolution of my situation.

So, hopefully, soon I can actually get there and write a review. A good preview article written by Holly Hubbard Preston can be found in the latest issue of Edible Sacramento if you are curious. A new blog I found, Tastes of Life, did a fantastic review, as did Paul as a guest blogger on Sacatomato. What makes me sad is the fact I missed a meal everyone seems to be raving about. *sad face*

If you are curious about the place, it's a new bistro offering gourmet food that is local, organic, sustainable, and affordable. Opened by four people with a background in the chain restaurant business, it's quite a jump from P.F. Chang's to high end offerings. Paul Martin's American Bistro is located at the Stone Pointe Center Mall in Roseville, CA.

Paul Martin's American Bistro
1455 Eureka Road, Suite 100

(On another note, please remember, if you cannot show up for a reservation, do the poor waiter/waitresses a favor: Call Ahead. Let them know you are canceling so they can fill the table. They need the cash from tips from as many tables as they can turn. Also, it's just good manners.)


  1. Dang dude, what's up with those tires man? Kinda reminds me of the retreads we'd buy in high school. $15 bux for a "new" tire, not bad. But they'd come to pieces at any time or moment.


  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog and mentioning me in yours. I can not believe your bad luck with traffic and then the tire... I am actually going back to Paul Martin's tonight for dinner with an out of town friend. Let's hope they keep up their good work...



  3. Paul of Sac Epicureans has a great review over at Sacatomato!

    [sometimes we get some great dining reviews posted by locals and non-locals at the food fourms especially by Jennyo,Syrahgirl,and a few others}


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