The Pitcher of Dorian Grey

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Oscar Wilde, you did know how to write an evocative, bacchanalian character; you created a novel which would live on forever and even inspire great tea. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a novel about a man who has a portrait that ages for him and in turn keeps him young and free of injury, but subsequently he is thrust into a world of debauchery and evil. For each sin he commits, the portrait becomes more disfigured and hideous. It's a classic piece of gothic horror, and one worth reading.

Being a literary nerd, you can understand why I so enjoy my new favorite tea Dorian Grey. It's bold, stunning, and maybe a bit sinful. At least so in the eyes of Earl Grey purists.

Dorian Grey is a black tea that's a variant of it's cousin Earl Grey. Instead of citrus from bergamot, apples are used to give it fragrance and distinction. Mallow and linden flowers add notes of fruitiness and a deep resonance of caramel for a finish.

If you're looking for a way to switch up your usual morning chai, English Breakfast, or Lipton tea bags this is a fabulous way to start.


  1. Twinings Blackcurrant Tea is my favorite. It's not too sweet but retains a yummy fruityness all the while.

  2. Chai teas have become all the rage here in Ireland, with chai lattes leading the pack.

    I must admit the only time I make Earl Grey tea is when I am baking brack...

    This alternative brew sounds interesting though, will keep an eye out for it...

  3. Ah, you shop at Hina's. Great choice. I enjoyed stumbling onto your blog recently. I linked to you last Thursday on mine. It's always fun to find a local connection in cyberspace. I love the magazine and usually pick mine up at Newcastle Produce.

  4. There's a fabulous tea store on Christopher street, and I really hope they have this. Sounds right up my alley, and the photo's stunning too. Thanks!

  5. I've never heard of Dorian Grey tea! It sounds delicious.

  6. I love cups of tea in the morning just like I like glasses of wine in the evening. Never heard of this one. Now I have a new adventure, finding it!

  7. Great headline! Love the literary connection - nothing like a good book and a good cuppa tea!

  8. I see you made this post on my 37th birthday ..., more than 5 years ago. Did you know this post is one of the top hits on Google for Dorian Grey tea?

    Anyway, I looked you up because I bought some Dorian Grey tea on Friday and wanted to see what I was in for. Just had my first couple mugs this morning ( I keep all my tea making paraphernalia at the office ).


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