Thursday, December 6, 2007

So I used to speak American Sign Language pretty damn well. Not fluently, but I could hold my own in a conversation. Sadly though, with no one to talk to, I find myself forgetting a lot of what I used to know, and when I find a chance to use it I have to stumble along and recall the signs.

Today was one of those cases. A deaf client, a child of about 10 or 11, came in with his translator and told me that he was hungry and wanted to get some food as he wasn't going to get home for dinner for quite some time. I told him we had some popcorn in the back and asked if that would be good. He agreed and I retrieved the popcorn. We chatted a bit more, he tolerating my broken signs and the translator giving me a helping hand (pun not intended) when I stuttered.

After I handed the popcorn to him, I told him "You can go to the back, and use the kitchen."

Or so I thought.

What I apparently said was, "Go to the back, and I'll kill you."

Yeah... kitchen and kill. Doubt I'll be forgetting those anytime soon.


  1. HAHAHA! You just made me laugh out loud at work. That is hilarious (poor kid though)!!

  2. Aww! Haha the context fits so well (w/ the "Go to the back..." bit). Once, I was speaking ASL w/ a friend and she thought I was saying, "I'm horny." I was really saying, "I'm thirsty" :D

  3. Me too...guffawed right out loud. Then had to explain. Seems it doesn't sound as funny coming from me.

  4. Goodness Garrett... I, too, just laughed out loud, at work. Thank you. :-)

  5. As a person who speaks fluent ASL I find this too funny!!! Also since the two signs are not even close in nature :)

    Hope the boy took no harm to your goof and laughed with you :)

  6. Annonymous - Not true! They both use the sign for the letter K. So ha. LOL.

  7. Sorry, I had to laugh...LOL. Poor kid! Did they at least correct what you had signed to him? Oy.

    I've had a TTY call at work in the past- but it was a video conference between the client and the interpreter who was on the phone with me. Very interesting!

  8. Hello-

    I am new to your blog but just saw your old posting about your very hungry cat, Mace. I was wondering how he is doing and if you ever had him tested for hyperthyroidism? That can cause a ravenous appetite like you describe.
    (I am a vet student).
    Happy cooking/eating!


  9. Omg, almost got some cocoa out my nose! LOL! Hopefully the young child did not take too much harm from the slip up! XD

  10. I meant different actions involved in making the signs... :)

    Still funny. If I had made that mistake to my mentally ill - deaf patients they would of flipped their lids...literally!

  11. Well you know you run a tough store, so it could fit.

    I took several classes in ASL and I too have lost so much of my memory of it from not having daily chances to use it. I really did enjoy it.


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