Cookie Swap!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sometimes it's nice to gather up all of your foodie friends for a simple little event, and so I called together a bunch of the local food bloggers/writers for a simple little cookie swap as a way to ring in the holidays.

The idea is simple, everyone brings a batch of homemade cookies, about 2 dozen or so, and then after a nice exchange you fill up a container with a bit of each and go home with a huge variety! Gingerbread sammiches, macaroons, pepper crisps, and of course lots of chocolate was present.

We all took the time to swap stories, restaurant reviews, and recipes (and whores too, still not sure how we got to that topic). All the while we sipped down a few bottles of port and wine, large glasses of milk, and piping hot tea and coffee Babies were held and coddled, stories were told, and Eat Beast loved the attention he was getting.

Here's a nice little run down of the who's who and the who brought what:
Mike & Martha - Chocolate Cookies
Kate - Gingerbread Stars with Buttercream
Kim Bedwell - Chocolate Dipped Macaroons
Kim Rutledge & Anita - Chocolate Tipped Soft Tulles
Fethiye - Turkish Date Filled Cookies
Greg & Becky - Ginger Crisps
Ann - Chocolate Pepper Crisps
Andrea - Persimmon Cookies
Myself - Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies
Kristy - she brought her own sweet self, she's a human cookie worth a nibble

All and all, a fantastic time had by all. A chance to escape our busy schedules and just relax. The only downside was a few people couldn't make it, but sent their love none the less. Plus, I couldn't invite ALL of the Sac Food Bloggers because my tiny little apartment could barely hold those who were there. I highly encourage you to check out the Sacramento Food Bloggers list in the sidebar and check them out, you'll see some familiar faces and some brand new ones, all worth checking out!

I look forward to doing it next year, and hopefully at a much larger location. ;)

I hope your holidays are off to as jolly a start as ours are here in Sacramento!


  1. Around this time of year I love reading about giving and holiday love...but right now I wish I had some of these yummy cookies all to myself! :-)

  2. Oh how fantastic!

    Yep, I host an annual cookie exchange each year, an once it hit about 30 people I too had to move it off-site to a larger location. but what fun!

  3. Those cookies sound amazing. I will have to scour these bloggers' sites for the recipes.

  4. This was WAY too much fun! Thanks for the invite.

  5. Sorry I missed it! We were busy chasing ducks and geese. Protein over sugar, you know...

  6. You guys are lucky, I am the only Food Blogger within cooee of anyone being up here at the top of Australia. The cookies look awesome. Have a great silly season :)

  7. Those macaroons were AWESOME. OMG.

  8. Great new tradition! I wonder if I could get my friends to do that. Every now and then I try to start a supper club, but everyone only gets it together for the first meeting and then peters out. Useless!

  9. would you like to play a game? cuz-if yes, tag you're it. now you go to my blog for details...

    p.s. cookie swap- what a great idea.

  10. That's what I am missing this year...our cookie swap. Thanks for reminding me!

  11. Still bummed we couldn't make the swap....

    Ash - Raul

  12. Once more thanks for hosting the exchange Garrett. Finally posted the recipe!!!

  13. I just found your blog today...I am a new fan.

    Chocolate Pepper Crisps have me very curious. They sound wonderful. What are they? Recipe?


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