2nd Annual Food Blogger Potluck

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I didn't really take photos this time around and I'll have to ask your pardon for it. I was either too busy prepping or too busy socializing or too busy eating to really bother with a camera. Which, for a food blogger, is saying something.

Elise and I hosted the 2nd Annual Sac Food Blogger Potluck this last weekend. We moved it to Elise's backyard (read: orchard) in order to accommodate the 30+ people who attended. The last year produced a lot of great new food bloggers in the Sacramento area, all of whom are truly shibby people (links to their blogs can be found in the side bar). It was, as always, phenomenal.

The thing about food blogger potlucks is that they are intensely delicious events. Unlike the potlucks you may attend elsewhere, laden with store bought dips and from-a-box cakes, these are all original recipes. Portuguese salt cod, cherry crisps, grilled wild duck and antelope, rhubarb-rosemary spritzers, sans rival (a delicious Filipino cake), mind-blowing ceviches, and other tasty delights. I contributed a flourless chipotle chocolate cake which seemed well received and put a few people into anaphylactic shock due to it's intense richness but it was totally worth it.

A fun time with an awesome group of people. Honestly, it could not have been a better day. =)

*Pictures of the event by Fernanda


  1. Thank you so much for organizing it! I had a great time today too and feel I've had my calorie allowance for the entire week!

  2. Congrats Garrett, you organized an excellent potluck, it was definitely a success! I wish I didn't have to leave early, it looked like a nice sized group for conversation at the end. Next time!

  3. Thank you so much for inviting me to the blogger's potluck. I had a great time meeting all the other food bloggers that I hadn't met.
    Your torte was great..
    Hope we can do this again next year.

  4. Hey Garrett, My daughter and I had a lovely time. It's out of the norm for me to go to an event where I do not know people. EVERYONE there was so nice and you and Elise made us feel right at Home. If you need a place next year... I've got a big spread here in Orangevale. Again thank you so mcuh. It was a perfect Sunday.

  5. Garrett,

    Thanks again, to you and Elise.
    We had a great time, the food was wonderful, and the conversation excellent!


  6. Thank you Garrett and Elise for the invite. It could have been more perfect weather or company.

  7. Hi everyone, please claim your dish on my blog if get a chance. I took pics of almost everything, but did not get many details about them. Thank you for the invite, Garrett and Elise. Good times.

  8. I need to start blogging about my food so you love me and invite me to foodie events.

  9. This sounds really cool.
    I wonder If it could be done in L.A.?

  10. Sounds fun! Will you post about it again next year? Here's my local blog: www.mydailydiner.com

    Website: www.eatyourroots.org


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