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Sunday, June 22, 2008

For those of you in the Sacramento area, I'll be teaching my first class. Well cooking class, at least. While I'm adept at teaching seventh graders about The Great Gatsby and comma usage, or ESL students about sentence composition, this is going to be my first cooking instruction to a group. I'll be working with two experienced and awesome chefs, Ann Rolke who has worked with great chefs and authors in restaurants across the country, and Shankari Easwaran a renowned chef. Both are also local food bloggers.

Thursday, August 7th

Cool Desserts for Summer Hot Days

With Sacramento Chefs and Food Bloggers Shankari Easwaran, Ann Martin-Rolke and Garrett McCord

6:30 p.m. $35

Demonstration Class; Open to all ages.

Summertime in Sacramento is HOT, and you certainly don’t want to use the oven. And as good as ice cream and fresh fruit are, sometimes you want something a little more unusual. Join three local food bloggers and cooks as they show you how to make a variety of delicious desserts without breaking a sweat. This unique format will give you the chance to see the different styles of three cooks as they work individually and together in the kitchen. Menu items:

Almond Sherbet- Ground almonds blended with chilled milk, cardamom and saffron

Indian Fruit Salad- Fresh season fruits in simple syrup infused with cinnamon and cloves, a sprinkle of rose water and garnished with toasted coconut.

Poached Pear Sorbet- A delicious dessert that takes a fine winter classic and gives it a twist. Pears poached in a syrup of vanilla and lemon and pureed, then churned into a silky sorbet. .

Coffee Granita- A low-maintenance dessert, with coffee, espresso, and a bit of sugar mixed and chilled, then raked into a snow cone–like consistency. Served with a bit of fresh whipped cream.

Berry-Mint Panzanella- A bread salad made with blueberries, mint, and an orange–brown sugar sauce; toasted bread cubes and almonds add crunch.

Kir Royello- Jell-o for grown-ups, using champagne and raspberry gelatin to copy the flavors of the classic summer cocktail Kir Royale.

To sign up call the Sacramento Whole Foods and register for the class. (916) 488-2800


  1. This sounds sooo cool!I wish I lived in your area to take the classes. :(


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