Hawks Fundraiser & Anniversary

Saturday, September 20, 2008

As part of the Hawks' One Year Anniversary, they held a little soiree that doubled as a fundraiser. As Mike and Molly Hawks are ardent supporters of local growers, the party was hosted in conjunction with the nonprofit Foothill Farmers Market Association. This was reflected in the evening’s guest list, which represented twelve regional farms, listed below. With attendance peaking around 200 guests, Hawks was able to raise $4000 in donations, all of which went to benefit the Placer Ag Future Project Scholarship fund for Beginning Farmers.

Personally, I find it just awesome that they took the time to really give back to the community in a way that would allow everyone to participate. See, unlike a Slow Food event, the tickets cost only (if I recall) $10 to come and socialize and eat at one of the top restaurants in the area. That, my friends, is shibby and 10 kinds of awesome in my book. It meant that anyone and everyone could join the fun and help out. So special props go out to the people who all set this up, the cooks, the publicists, and the farmers.

Participating Farms:

Blossom Hill farm, Auburn

Brennar Ranch, Newcastle

Coffee Pot Ranch, Sheridan

Four c-sons, Auburn

Hillcrest Farms, Newcastle

Otow Orchards, Granite Bay

Pierce Family Farms, Loomis

Pine Hill Orchards, Loomis

Rodriguez Ranch, Watsonville

Saeng’s strawberries, Granite Bay

Tong Moua Farm,Sacramento

Ueki Gardens, Auburn

I also want to thank Taylor and Keelin for inviting me to the event. It was great fun to mingle and meet so many local farmers and producers, hang out with other local bloggers, and meet Mike and Molly Hawks who are two of the kindest and talented chefs I have ever gotten to meet.


  1. This event sounds great, I hate when admission prices are really high, I never know if it's going to be worth it.

  2. This sounds phenomenal! I think it's always great to meet the local growers in your area and let them know just how much they're appreciated.

  3. That fig picture is so beautiful and mouth-watering.


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