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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So it seems the popular meme buzzing about is this list of stuff you all don't know about me. I decided why not? Generally my personal life stays off the blog. Sure I may talk about this event or that conversation, but I don't go into details except for the rare occasion. Anywhose, enjoy. I don't plan to tag others because I don't wanna pressure them and I'm too damn lazy to link to people. =P

1. I have traveled to Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, St. Kitts, St. Barts, Nevis, Monocco, Austria, Slovania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and 47 of the 50 states (No Alaska, Michigan, or Maine.).

2. I have an intense aversion to cough/cold/flu medicines. I would rather throw up all night then take a pill or swallow some syrup. In fact, I almost literally vomit if I even look at the stuff on the shelf in the store.

3. When I was 11 I woke up and told my parents that I thought my appendix exploded overnight. They rolled their eyes at me. Two hours later I was prepped for surgery. Listen to your children.

4. I am an Eagle Scout (Troop 603) and worked as a Boy Scout camp counselor at Lost Valley.

5. I always lick the salt off crackers before I eat them.

6. I can bend my fingers all the way back till my nails touch my wrist.

7. I am a horrible, inattentive driver. Yet, my only accident was on a rainy steep hill when my car hydroplaned into a fence post a snipped off my front bumper. *knock on wood*

8. I can play the flute, piccolo, and bass flute. I played for about 11 years until I graduated High School.

9. I know every single line from the film The Wizard of Oz. My family can sadly attest to this.

10. After countless tries I have decided I am not a big fan of Italian or Vietnamese food (maybe I just haven't found the good place to go yet?). I am, however, a devoted acolyte to Thai, Lebanese, Turkish, and Chinese food. I also dig French food, but never cook it.

11. I am an awful liar.

12. I hate people who are conceited and self-centered.

13. I can be very conceited and self-centered (I was raised in Orange County, what can I say?).

14. I can't stand the word "serendipity."

15. I seriously believe that if you believe in Astrology or Zodiac Signs as any sort of indicator of your life, then you're an idiot.

16. I want to write a book someday and get it published, either on an academic or popular literature level. I don't care which.

17. I want to be a college professor.

18. I love using web speak such as headdesk, tl;dr, sage, LOL, and ZOMG when chatting or writing. I don't tell the other English graduate students this.

19. I didn't realize how like my parents I was until Rob pointed it out to me at Christmas one year.

20. I think my grandmothers were some of the most awesome people ever.

21. I always keep a box of Duncan Hines brownie mix in the pantry for days I am feeling to lazy to do any real baking.

22. I worry about everything. I'm AnxietyMan, able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound.

23. I hate how the news focuses on pointless heartfelt stories or traffic but have the total inability to report the shit that's actually going on in the world that matters.

24. I love BBC news.

25. I lower my opinion of people when they tell me they read tabloids or follow celebrity gossip.

26. I get pissed when people are upset that teachers are failing our children, yet won't elect to raise taxes to fund schools or hire more teachers so they aren't trying to teach 35 students at a time.

27. I used to have pink and blue hair, seven piercings, wore a dog collar, and danced on tables in a bar when I was 19.

28. I have destroyed almost all the evidence that #27 ever happened.

29. I read X-Men and Avengers comic books but never buy them.

30. I only have two or three straight male friends, for the most part I'm afraid I won't know how to realate to them.

31. I get along with straight men extremely well.

32. I wish I had learned to play the violin.

33. Sadly, I used to be good at sign language, but it's not like riding a bicycle.

34. I named Cid after a character from a video game. The Cid in the video game is highly intelligent. My Cid falls off the counter and the back of the couch and runs into walls.

35. I fret about my relationships with my friends at times. I'm afraid I may lose them.

36. Mace was originally going to be named Kimhari.

37. I don't care about truffles. I think they're overrated.

38. I think caviar, champagne, and really good foie gras, however, live up to the hype.

39. I can't start my day without reading my online comics and drinking a cup of tea, otherwise I will be slightly cranky until lunch.

40. I really, really hate reading friends' poetry.

41. I want to meet Ruth Reichl.

42. I got to have sex with my high school crush on a Christmas break from college a few years back. My fantasy was better than he was. So disappointing.

43. I get a secret high when someone I meet tells me they read the blog.

44. I love cheesey horror flicks. Snakes on a Plane rocks it.

45. I hope my dad knows I appreciate how he made breakfast and packed a lunch for me everyday.

46. I hope my mom knows I appreciate how she cooked dinner for us every night.

47. I regret picking on my little brother as much as I did when we were kids.

48. I think I daydream far more than a normal person does.

49. I think everyone in my classes is smarter than I am.

50. I fucking love Taco Bell tacos. I could eat those every day.


  1. OMG ... That kid with the pink and blue hair on the talk me was you?

  2. you're awesome. period.


  3. Amen to #50. Thank god we don't have taco belle in germany or I would be spherical.

  4. Dude, *I* can play the flute, piccolo and bass flute. Weird. But I still have my appendix and for many reasons I will never be an eagle scout. Yours was one of the more interesting memes I've read.

  5. "really good foie gras" is food of the gods; the hype is well deserved. :) but then again, I can't agree more on the lovliness that is the Taco Bell taco.

  6. #12 & #13 - actually the memes that are going around, mainly on Facebook, actually only have "25 things about me" on them. You have 50. So yes, I guess #13 really is true! But a really good and revealing list anyway!

  7. Irene - David L. did 89 of them. LOL

  8. You are an Orange County boy, more reason to love you!


    p.s. and the true sign that you are from Orange County is that you didn't call it "the OC" -which by the way is the dumbest thing evah!

  9. What a great list!! Ok I just tried to bend my fingers back to touch my wrist, I swear I use to be able to do that, what happened? ugh...

  10. You really know yourself very well - hats off! I wish I knew myself that well :)

  11. Garrett, I think you're hilarious. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  12. Re Number 18... What do those web-speak words mean?

    OMG (Oh My God) I know, - but what's the 'Z'(ZOMG)for??

    LOL - Laugh Out Loud? (could also mean Lots Of Love?!)

    Do you have a link for a dictionary of web-speak?? I know it's an evolving language, so new fragments emerge every day, but I reckon some of your Grad-school Majors should listen up or they may get linguistically left behind...!

  13. #47 is phrased somewhat ambiguously . . .

    47. I regret picking on my little brother as much as I did when we were kids.

    You could regret the amount of bullying you did - OR - your amount of regret could have stayed steady across the years - at little to none. Is this a message from your subconscious?

    My favorite fast food treat is the Del Taco breakfast burrito. Nothin' better from 11 PM to 11 AM.


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