The Flappable Knife

Friday, February 27, 2009

I call it this because whenever I try to use it only takes about thirty seconds for me to get so pissed off that I throw the damn thing into the sink and hunt down anything else with a sharp edge to it.

But- ah, allow me to start over...

When my roommate moved in she brought with her the saddest little set of knives in a humble butcher block. These knives are what I would call sad. They can cut, indeed, but the blade is flimsy. I can easily bend it into a curve. The image might be hard to tell, the curvature makes it look like a boning knife, but indeed, that is the large carving knife.

So slim, cheap, and made with such poor steel its blood greased, slippery possibilities are terrifying. I can only imagine trying to chop up a butternut with this thing. Even dicing an onion is an issue as the blade whips back and forth, causing only the most rational fear in my fingers and raising the hackles on my neck. The metal is, I believe, just glued to the hilt or wrapped in the plastic that makes the handle. There is no tang, no weight, no anything to remotely qualify this as safe.

Quality it is not, but I guess you get what you pay for...Caveat emptor, people.


  1. Humm... I personally own an Ikea knife, and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a short knife, with the blade "inverted" (the curve is on the top of the blade and the cutting edge is flat). Of course, I own other, more expensive knives, but this one is actually one of my favorite; not because of it's cutting qualities, but because of the size and shape

  2. I am totally with you. A knife is an extension of your arm. Buy the best you really cannot afford, i.e., it's worth going into a little debt for a serious chef's knife. Learn how to sharpen it, too. Gawd I HATE coming into someone else's kitchen, having been asked to "whip up something," and every knife in their box is as dull as Ashley Simpson. Grrrrr...

  3. HA! dull as Ashley Simpson . . . you made me spray my coffee :)

    to go a little further with Freya's comment . . . your roommate bought THE cheapest set of knives at IKEA - four knives at just one cent shy of $4. Practically every other knife they sell is full tang and of a more stable steel. Mom bought a couple from the SKARPT line and I was surprised how much I like 'em.

    That said, I think its very important to put serious research and usually some considerable investment into good knives. The right knife just sings as you use it and there's no prettier song.

  4. Surprisingly I own an Ikea knife and absolutely love it (better than the heinious Henckel!). Its a large blade durable and has quite a bit of weight and stability. It mentions Romania instead of china-does that make any diference? I think it depends on the buyer. I am waiting to buy another one on our next visit.

  5. We have a set of Calphalon Katana knives and are quite pleased with them! I realize not everyone can splurge on a good set of knives, but when you consider the value of your personal safety, I think I agree with you, Garrett.

  6. i purchased awesome calphalon knives at ross for no more than $20 bucks each. heavy steel, full tang, etc etc. top of the line? no way. but, pretty dang good.

    and better to cut myself and my boyfriend with - we both sliced our thumbs within 4 months of getting them, lol.


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