Snapshots at the Market

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taken using Elise's camera which she had let me borrow. This was at the Farmer's Market under the freeway in Sacramento back in November. Just a simple something to share.


  1. My God... it's amazing what a great camera can accomplish. I keep looking back at these shocked that I actually took them. =P

  2. Oh, where were those peppers last week when I needed them?

    Fab photos, btw.

  3. The photos look great.

    I miss my local farmer's market right now...

  4. How I miss the farmer's market!

    Garrett, I saw a recipe over at Smitten Kitchen today and I instantly thought of you: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. Don't they sound amazing? Wait 'til you see the pics:

  5. Great pictures, those pretzels look delicious!

  6. pretzels....!!

    haha @ the comment to yourself... :D

  7. Hey, I'm sick of my camera and it's lack of depth. What kind of camera took those pictures (hopes it's digital)?


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