Slings and Shot Glasses

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"This bar isn't so ba- Oh my God, there's a sling up on the stage!"

It had been my idea to go to a local gay bar, The Bolt, to see what the fuss was about. Living in Sacramento for so many years I had heard about the place many times but had never checked it out for myself. So, with boyfriend in tow, we decided to go exploring.

The Bolt is the local leather daddy and bear club where older gay men and some younger ones come out to drink, shoot the breeze, and play pool. I was the youngest person in there, with the bf running a close second. There were, however, a few people in their early thirties and a small cackles of bull dykes doing whisky shots.

Yet, indeed, there on a raised stage was a leather sling trussed up like a drugged bear in chains (pun intended). As I ordered my beer and nursed it lovingly, the bf kept watch on me. Slim twenty-somethings, I'm to be informed, are rare at The Bolt are those who do show up are often groped and manhandled. 

It was a quiet night but damn, Mr. Sacramento Bear of the Year 97-98 can mix a fine drink. It was strong and smooth (97-98 was fuzzy with a handlebar mustache). Furthermore, the place was pretty relaxed. Honestly, I enjoyed it far more than I expected. I may just go back. Plus, if I don't wear a shirt on Saturday I get my beer half off. Just don't expect to see me anywhere near that stage.


  1. They have a place like that in Sacramento? I thought you had to go to SF.. A sling.. it might be fun... Just a thought.
    OK in private it would be fun.

  2. Sounds like a fun spot.

    Oddly enough (I was an L.A. girl), my first gay bar experience was in Sacramento sometime around 1981 (I was 14, and please don't do the math). The club was called Mr. Bojangles, and I had such a blast with all of the boys there!

    It didn't take me long to discover all of the clubs in West Hollywood, after that. I was such a fag moll! OMG!!! Good times...

    Cheers queer, ;)

    ~ Paula


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