Eat Beast Update #9: Where did my pancake go?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh, there it is.

Little bastard stole a buckwheat pancake. This time I was smart enough to catch him unashamedly devouring the evidence. Notice how he doesn't give a shit that he's been caught. He looks directly at me, then the camera, then continues snarfing it down. This is what happens when I turn around to nibble on bacon and watch Amelie.

I should note this is only hours after he stole some onions from the pan I roasted a small duck in for lunch. He was on a culinary crime spree.

At least he has good taste.


  1. We have a lil Eat Beast of our own. Only when he looks at us, it's more of an "Eff You" and he keeps on eating.

  2. I like how he's holding it down, as though it might escape.

  3. it's a bit too cute to even be mad at though:)

  4. Your looking at this all wrong! Eat Beast is simply complimenting you in the only way that he knows how - to steal your food.
    Now, if you were a bad cook then you wouldn't have to worry about onions being stolen or pancakes being scarfed down!

  5. My 20-year-old cat has never had any interest in "our" food, except for, strangely, the guts of a cantaloupe scraped out into the sink. However, I recall when my childhood cat became an outdoor-only cat immediately upon having been discovered on the kitchen counter, crunching away on my mother's pan of thawing lobster tails. Eat Beast is a lucky boy.

  6. eat beast is adorable. i have one named frank and he likes manchego cheese. not cheddar or mozzarella. only the finest for my psycho kitty.


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