Blenders and Nails

Friday, November 10, 2006

I have a blender! Finally! Soups and other purees are finally possible! Cid, however, thinks it's a new enemy as he keeps stalking and cautiously swatting it. I have Fernanda to thank for this as she had an extra one lying around she wasn't planning on using any time soon and noted by blender dilemma. Thanks so much!

Sadly though, I'm not sure if it will get the most work ever right now. I seem to have stepped on a nail. There was no insane amounts of damage, but walking around and stading in the kitchen is slightly difficult. Plus, putting on shoes with all these bandages is a total bitch. Hence I will still be posting, just fewer recipes as of now. I greatly apologize, and promise to punish my foot and said nail.


  1. Happy blending. I use mine EVERYDAY with frozen strawberries. Best sugar free "sorbet" in the world!! :)

  2. Ouch! You poor thing! Hope it heals fast.

  3. eek -- I hope your foot heals fast.
    sooo not shibby.

    I need a blender too...let us know how well it works. :)

  4. Hello, I found your site through "Simply Recipes." I really enjoy your writing and hope to become a regular reader. Congratulations on the blender and sorry about your foot.

  5. Cake- That's a genius idea. I am so doing that!

    CAnne- Me too, but until then, Rob has to do the laundry, so yayness there!

    Alicat- I haven't used it yet, but you can et you will see a soup or two here soon!

    Beastmomma- I'm glad you like the blog, and I hope I live up to your expectations and you continue to like what you read!

  6. I add splenda (but you can always add the real thing) ice cubes (a tray and a half) with the frozen strawberries (1.5 cups maybe?), and my fave brewed coffee to the mix. You might want to use milk or yogurt instead. I use coffee because it adds flavor but has no extra cals.
    Then I add cocoa powder (2 Tbs) and a bit (1.5 Tbs) of sf & ff jello pudding mix to make the whole blend taste like one giant fudgesicle.
    Hope this gives people some ideas... this can be done with any fruit you like and any instant jello flavor. Cheesecake pudding is another good one to use if you use milk as your liquid.

    And, yes, I meant to comment earlier on your foot. I hope it heals soon!

  7. Ouchh, I hope your foot heals up quickly! Sorry to hear that! :(

    I have a blender and we used to use it all the time, but due to a lack of counter space it's collecting dust in a cabinet that I cannot access. I think I will have my husband pull it down soon though!

  8. Blender congrats! And sorry about the foot injury. Ack! You rest that foot, Darling. And work it! Get a little pampering. ;-)

  9. I use my blender every morning for 5-second breakfast (1/2 cup cranberry or orange juice, 3/4 cup vanilla yogurt and 1/2 banana ).

    Feel better :-)

  10. So sorry to hear about the foot! Take care of yourself, please. Hope it heals quickly.

    I actually don't use my blender much anymore, but I am addicted to my immersion blender for soups. It gets a workout all winter long. But for blended margaritas, it's got to be the real blender.

  11. Ouch! Nails in feet are bad! Same thing happened to Goon a few years ago. Typically he didn't know what happened and didn't go to get it removed for a couple of days.

    I think blenders make life so much easier. This flat has a bit of a blender curse though- they keep mysteriously breaking. Hopefully my stick blender of mine will last more than a week this time!

  12. Garrett, take care of that foot. I felt the pain... I hope to see many soup recipes here soon! :-*

  13. oh no! hopefully your recovery is quick and pain free.

  14. Major blender warning:::::::
    When pureeing hot things (like soup) fill the basin only a third of the way, make sure the widget that fits atop the rubber top insert is not locked in so that there is an oxygen exchange between your kitchen and the blender captured hot soup. Pulse, pulse, pulse slowly, with a thick kitchen towel covering the entire top of the appliance. When the hot liquid seems to not explode like Mount Vesuvius (pulsing will solve eruptions) then push the puree button. I have had 3 degree burns and all sorts of terrible wounds due to the lack of this info.

  15. Hey P,
    Thanks for the blender warning! I totally feel ya! I gave myself quite a burn a while back with my old blender (it a month later, quite literally exploded in use).
    Blenders need respect.


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