They're on Tapa It (Aioli Bodega Espanola - Davis, CA)

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Ailoi Bodega recently expanded over into Davis, and has met with as much success as it's Sacramento sister. Davis residents are more than happy to welcome a popular restaurant into their own home, and it shows through the full house every night.

We were able to make last second reservations and catch a table for two. Lucky for us, though we were happy to enjoy the decor. Aioli has done a lot with the old California Cafe' residence and it shows a lot of time, effort and though was put into making the surrounding pleasant to it's patrons. The wine glasses hanging from the bar with candles, the color of the wall, the magnanimous wine rack all add to the Spanish glory of it all. Even the strategically placed barrels to hide the kitchen light is all well appreciated, creating an intimate and convivial environment. The only thing I would change would be the paintings... the landscape photos really just don't match.

We had a small, quick meal, but one to remember and enough to ensure return. We first ordered a plate of Mediterranean cured olives. Now I loves me some olives, as in will dance exotically/beg/shave an eyebrow/kill a man for good olives loves them. There were pretty damn good, just not enough. And tiny. I felt gyped. I must make my own recipe again soon (and share with ya'll cause my olives rawk) to satiate myself.

We both ordered the special, lamb shanks with spicy potatoes, green beans, and a spicy aioli sauce. Dear god. This was the best lamb I have ever had. Period. It was seared, juicy, tender, and crusted in these exotic, vagabond spices that just make your mouth pop! Sorry mom, Easter dinners never even came close to this. All I can say to all is call ahead and pray lamb is on the menu.

We only spent maybe thirty minutes there, but we plan to go again, and as soon as possible. Aioli is a place of small plates so the price per person can really vary from a cheap meal to a vast banquet. Add in drinks for the average diner and this place is a pretty sweet deal.

Aioli Bodega Espanola
808 2nd St.
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 757-2766


  1. So it's true? You shot a man in Reno... for olives? :)

  2. I luv olives too...I go to Corti's and put smear marks on the deli case just resting my head against the glass...staring at olives. I do finally buy some!

    I have got to get to Aioli. I likes me some small plates...but several of em.


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