On a Rainy Farmer's Market Day

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My friend Sarah was happy enough to accompany me to the Farmer's Market today, allowing me to hobble along through the wet and rainy streets. I've never been one for sitting around to heal, so I doped myself up with Tylenol and headed out. (I slightly regretted this later as my foot swelled and bled, but the food was worth it.)

It was nice to just be outside during some of the fall rain and get some fresh air. While shopping around we ran into Brandon and Dear Family, who were kind enough to treat us to some pea shoots. The ivy and leaves of a pea plant that are deliciously crisp and can only be harvested for two weeks in the entire year. We thanked him and chatted a tad, and he was kind enough to point me out to some meyer lemons (yay!) of which will soon be utilized for some lemon curd cupcakes Rob has been bitching at me about making him. If you ever need a guide for the Davis Farmer's Market, then ask Brandon. He knows the farmers by name and has good advice when it comes to produce!

At home we took the pea shoots, a pomegranate, and a fresh fuji apple and made a fantastic salad. I would however suggest using pom juice instead as a dressing, if you decide to do this yourself. It was a sensational seasonal salad, perfect for a day inside.


  1. Cool..I was wondering what to do with Elise's poms. I was thinking something savory..but this is kind of a mix.

    Will you teach me how to bake?:)

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  2. Hmm that salad looks divine. Hope your gammy leg clears up soon.

  3. Your photo is lovely, Garrett. I love the bright red and green against the black; it's very dramatic. Sending you and your foot well wishes.

  4. I still haven't tried pom juice yet, and my dad even bought a bottle for me to try, and I never got around to it.

    I see you guys got some rain this weekend too huh? Maybe it came down from us to you! LOL!

    I hope your foot heals up for you soon. Yeouch!

  5. I made this salad, mixing spinach and lettuce. It was delicious! I still have a box of pomegranate seeds. :-)


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