Interview with Guy Fieri - Part II

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Here is part two of the interview, normally I swear to God, I am better at interviews than this. I have plenty of them under my belt from my freelancing days to prove it. Just no tape recorder and 5 days of flu killed me. Readers and especially Guy, please forgive me and my petardedness. I am still writing this with a hacking cough and a runny bleedy nose (this food blog making you hungry yet?), so forgive me.

Recently, at the Best of Sacramento Party, Guy was recognized for his awesome chefness by the people of Sac and for many good reasons. He attended American River College right here in the Sac area so he's a homegrown boy who rose up to become a celebrated Food Network Star.

"I'm not a atypical chef." Guy expressed that he felt far more at home working in his restaurant than being a big TV star. "I do what I feel good about. You gotta love what you're doing, and I want to stay in the restaurant [buisness]." It is here that he can create and hone his own unique food concepts in his own freestyle way.

I then asked him a very sincere question; with S.F. so close and a hub of the food world, why open up here in Sac? Guy replied with gusto, "We love Sac. I can't thank Sacramento enough for voting for me [during the show]. Sac is so gifted. We're a big city and a small town, we have killer weather, you can afford a house, we have a major state school! We're celebrating the chance to for this restauarant to come town!"

Sac reseidents have plenty of reason to celebrate as well. Guy is happy with Tex Wasabi's being able to offer a family menu, catering, music, dancing, and prides itself in the work that it does working with local charities and schools in Santa Rosa and soon in Sacramento.

"Our buisness isn't cookie cutter. I'm not the boss, I'm a leader. We have team members and we have guests." Here each team member is encouraged to reach out to the community and work with each and every guest to ensure that they are happy."

Good buisness policy I say, and one that seems to be working. Make sure you take time to drop by Tex Wasabi's when it opens later this month!

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  1. Hi Garret! First time I heard from you today... through Fernanda! (From Chucrute com Salsicha), yes we had our food blogger meeting here in Brazil! It was a blast. And Fernanda is the best. Love your blog.


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