Chipotle Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I busted these out after a bad meal, which I promise I will recount later. I needed to erase the stagnant memory of the interchangeable bar, crappy music, poor service, and annoying patrons. So I checked out what I had sitting around the house. My friend Eric and my partner Rob both wanted something sweet, so of course we went the cupcake route. I didn't have any chocolate or cocoa powder so I had to resort to box mix.

Dark chocolate cake mix to be exact. But if you know me, I can't just do plain chocolate. Oh no. We have to mix it up. All the ladies clap your hands, we're gonna mix it up in here. We broke out the cinnamon and a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. No boring cupcakes here.

Girls, let me tell you, boredom is the mother of all invention. They say idle hands are the devil's tools. The cure for boredom is curiosity, but there is no cure for curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat. A cat's got nine lives. Man only has one, so live life like there's no tomorrow. Cause tomorrow may not come. But no worries. The sun'll come out tomorrow. So rise and shine. It's a brand new day. Many fine things can be done in a day if you don't make that day tomorrow. So spice it up! Carpe diem!

Sieze the cupcake.

Chipotle Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes
Makes about 18 cupcakes

What You'll Need...
1 Box of Dark Chocolate cake mix (I feel actual pain writing those words, or it's the tendonitis...)
Whatever the box tells you you'll need. Probably eggs, water, and oil.
1-2 tablespoon pureed chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (base on your heat tolerance)
1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon, plus some extra
powdered sugar

What You'll Do...
1) Mix the cake mix as the box says. Again. Physical pain.
2) Place the chipotle peppers in a food processor and puree. Add two tablespoons to the mix. Add the cinnamon.
3) Scoop into cupcake papers. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean.
4) Let cool. Combine the powdered sugar and some cinnamon to taste in a bowl, then place in a small mesh duster thingy that I'm sure has a name but it escapes me right now. Dust heavily with powdered sugar. Place doily or wire rack on the cupcakes to get a pattern if desired.

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  1. Now thats-a one-a spicy cupcake!

  2. They look delicious!! I'm not a spice fan.. but I heart spice in my chocolate so I'd be a HUGE fan of these! Way to go in the creative department! =)

  3. Well done, my shibby friend! You should get idle hands more often.

  4. Sounds yummy! I am going to have to try these with some Peruvian peppers! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Yay, I love the hot pepper-chocolate combo, but the added layer of smokiness from the chipotle must have been the proverbial icing on the cake. Yummers!

  6. wow, I just tried some ice cream with these exact flavors!

    Red Fire - Ancho & Chipotle Chillies, Ceylon Cinnamon and dark chocolate

    I bet it's great in cupcakes too.

  7. There's nothing wrong witha mix if you can turn it into something wonderful...and you have... :)

  8. I love the cross hatching pattern on top. They look delicious!

  9. Yum! I'm definitely a shy person with spice, but my husband would probably love this one!

  10. I held my breath the whole way through to see how much of the chipotle can you would use. :)

    I'm inspired to make a Russian Roulette version of these!

    Can't wait to see the round up.

  11. Sounds great, peppers and chocolate are a classic combo in Mexican recipes (e.g. mole poblano). There was a great ice cream made briefly with almonds covered in chocolate and peppers, in a mostly vanilla base. Have to try to find some of the Red Fire ice cream. So, you could use the recipe for a Devil's Food cake and make it from scratch. Had an old one that called for mayonnaise (from Mahon, Menorca, Espana)as the secret ingredient.

  12. The cupcakes look DEVINE!! I'll have to bake them this weekend. I baked your orange poppyseed cupcakes and they were a HIT! Thanks a bunch :) Gigi.

  13. wow, I love chipotle but would never have imagined it in cupcake, very creative!

  14. Russian Roulette being, you offer your dining companions a plate of your beautiful spicy cupcakes.

    With the warning that they are playing Russian Roulette, everyone takes hold of a cupcake, bites in and finds *one* of them to be extremely eye watering spicy (but good!) cupcake in the bunch!

    I've had sushi rolls designed this way :)

    Maybe sink an extra spicy truffle in the middle of the designated one...

  15. I just baked up a batch of these for my kids, who are home sick with a cold. They loved the spiciness- not too hot at all! Delicious- I'll definitely make these again. Thanks for the great idea.

  16. Kate just made these with a great chili chaser and a cinnamon frosting! Go check it out:

  17. I made these... they were F'ing awesome, i made cinnamon buttercream to top them and impressed all my white trash friends with my baking skills (even though I used box mix) THANKS!!!

  18. Yummy. I just had one and posted a link on my site. It taste like a hot tamale candy with chocolate flavoring.

  19. well....... HOW DID THEY TASTE???

    i've been looking for a recipe to go with my cupcake named "hot hot heat."

    i like to name cupcakes after bands, and i knew this band name would have a perfect cupcake match somewhere down the line.

  20. I loved this cupcake! I topped mine off with cinnamon buttercream.
    Delicious!!! It was a big hit and soooo easy.

  21. These were very good and I love it when someone bites into it and goes wide eyed! 2T of chiplotes was perfect and I topped mine with a chocolate cinnamon buttercream. Delicious!

  22. I made these for my BIL stationed overseas and shipped them to him. I baked it into a mason jar so it was more of cake. Great recipe & infamous now. I dubbed the cakes "Firecracker Cake". Thanks for the recipe.

  23. I just made these as a birthday present for a friend of mine who loves spicy foods and hot sauces. I upped the chipotle to about 3 T. They were a huge hit at the birthday party... aweseome!

  24. I salute you, this is absolutely an amazing alliterative amalgamation. It came to me in a dream to add cherry to the mix somehow...pureed, or maybe a splash of kirsch or cherry liqueur...what do you think?

  25. They were delicious and the line crew at work loved them - it got me to thinking . . .
    here is a recipe for Chipotle Cinnamon Chocolate Pots du Creme I worked up

    2 eggs
    3/4 to 1 tsp minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
    3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
    12 oz semi sweet chips or dark chocolate baking bar chopped into smaller pieces (my favorite)
    1 cup milk
    In blender add eggs, peppers and cinnamom. Blend until smooth. Add chocolate pieces.
    Heat milk just until scalded and pour into blender.
    Blend until smooth. Strain (if you wish) and pour into four 4 ounce ramekins and chill for at least two hours. Serve with lightly sweetened whipped cream and a couple chocolate curls.
    Delicious with a "kick"

  26. Great recipe! had a kick @ the end but just like some hot tamale candies,great idea! Garnished w red tamales so people weren't freaked out by chipotle and chocolate in the same sentence lol

  27. OMG these are amazing I have recently started a cupcake business and was looking for something spicy and found this recipe. I did use my own chocolate recipe from scratch and topped them with cream cheese butter cream,dusted the powdered sugar around the edges and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top. These might be the best yet. People love them, the chipotle makes them so moist and just a hint of hot mixed with cinnamon...mmmmmm


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