Cupcake Round-Up Results!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Wow, Cheryl and I received a lot of great entries for the round-up! At first we were worried that we might not get any and that it was going to be a bust. Then they slowly began to trickle in, and before you knew it we were getting dozens of e-mails from cupcake enthusiasts everywhere! We have about 60+ cupcake entries here!

I had to say I was surprised at the range of ideas and the amount of creativity that went into them. Classic flavors, crazy combos, and even diet specific cupcakes stepped into the spotlight. Avocados, ginger, berries, vanilla, mung beans, bananas, buttercream, caramel, booze, garam masala, and of course chocolate are just some of the flavors you'll find in the round-up

So here are the results you cupcake fiends! Cheryl and I will be making our favorite recipes over the next few days and posting the results; I hope that some of these inspire you to do the same!

Note: Sorry if there are any snafus in the linking, as this many pictures in one post seems to have thrown blogger for a loop, so sometimes they might not work. Refreshing the page seems to help. Let me know if it won't work and I will try to get to it ASAP.

Dr. Pepper Cupcake
By Kristen
Dine and Dish

S'Mores Cupcakes
By Aoife

Lemoncello Ricotta Cupcakes
A Tasty Pedia's Blog

Black and Tan
By Mike
A Tasty Pedia's Blog

Cappuccino Chip Cupcakes with Mocha Frosting
By Rachel
Rachel's Bite

Almond Cupcakes with Guava Cream Cheese Filling
By Jenny
Sew Darn Cute

Orange Chocolate Cupcake with Nutella Ganache Filling and Hazelnut Buttercream Frosting
By Sandra and Ernae
The Sour and the Sweet

Lemon Sunshine Cupcakes
By Jennifer
Weekly Dish

Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins
By Lexi

Fruit-filled Coconut Cupcakes with Coconut-Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting
Definetly Not Martha

Green Tea Bubble Cream Filled Cupcakes with Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting
By Chockylit
Cupcake Bakeshop

Citrus-Basil Cupcakes
By Michelle
Another Yarn

Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes
By Mary

Hunk of Burning Love (The Elvis Cupcake)
By Sher
What Did You Eat?

Party Cupcakes
By Shini

Chipotle Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes
By Myself
Vanilla Garlic

Triple Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes
By Janell the Great
Janell the Great

Chempedak Cupcakes with Mango Drizzle
By Noraishah Hamid
My Gastronomic Adventure

Vanilla-Cardamom Cupcakes with Grand mariner Buttercream and Candied Orange Zest
By Julie O'Hara
A Mingling of Tastes

Saffron Vanilla Cupcake
By Kerry Alice
a Tasty Pedia's blog

Passionfruit-Coconut Cupcakes
By Ann Martin Rolke

Tiramisu Cupcakes
By Becky Brown

Figgy Cupcakes with Mascarpone Icing
By Kelsey

Lime-Vanilla Cupcakes with Cucumber Buttercream
By Andrew
Real Butter and Clean Milk

Hunk of Burning Love
By Sher
What Did You Eat?

Ginger-Cardamom-Jaggery Cupcake
By Mandira Banerjee

Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes
By Margaret Meaney
Chez M, en Retard

Demarara Sugar Rimmed Pound Cake Cupcakes
By The Parson's Wife
The Parson's Wife

Mocha Cupcakes
By Haalo
Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once

Coconut Cloud Cupcakes
By puddingpop
Wait and See Pudding

Spice Cupcakes with Maple Marshmallow Frosting
By Gluten Free Momma
Gluten Free Organics

Grasshopper Cupcakes
By Freya
Writing at the Kitchen Table

Key to My Heart (Pear & Walnut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream)
By Glenna
A Fridge Full of Food

Curried Cupcakes
By Emilie

Turtle Cupcakes
By Raspil
The Noisy Kitchen

Chestnut Cupcake with Chocolate Swirl Frosting
By Helen

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes with Chocolate Whipped Cream
By Myself
Vanilla Garlic

Avocado Cupcakes with Palm Sugar Buttercream
By Ratna
Simply Cake

Green Mung Bean Cupcakes with Palm Sugar Buttercream Frosting
By Ratna
Simply Cake

Lammas Cupcakes with Lemon Curd and Whiskey Cream
By Pancha

Almond Brown-Butter Cakes with Sour Orange Meringue
By Lara
Cook and Eat

Baklava Cupcakes
By Lara
Aral Traven

Oh My Darling Clementine Cupcakes
By Christina
Wishing on Clovers

Black Sesame Peanut Butter Cupcakes
By Joann
Baking + Graduate School = Joann's Life

Gingerbread Cupcakes
By Laura
Laura Rebecca's Kitchen

Devil's Food Cupcake's
By Ellie
Kitchen Wench

Chocolate Cupcakes with Berry Ganache & Cinnamon Buttercream
By Sarah
Slighcarp and Grimshaw

Cappuccino Cupcakes
By Margaret
Kitchen Delights

Deep, Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Tangerine Honey Frosting
By Lis
La Mia Cucina

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes
By Anita & Cameron
Married with Dinner

Very Gingery Cupcakes
By Cathy, aka "The Dear Wife"
Something in Season

Double Seville Orange Cupcakes
By Gemma
Dressing for Dinner

Candied Lemon Peel, Walnut, & Dulce de Leche Cupcakes
By Letincelle

Almond-Ricotta Cupcakes with Lemon Royal Icing
By Sean

Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Quick Orange Frosting & Chocolate Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream
By Maggie
The Maggpie

Cuba Libre Cupcakes
By Rachel
Coconut and Lime

Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes
by Brendon
Something in Season

Derby Cakes
by Posy
Posy Party Cakes

Pumpkin and Mexican Chocolate with Toasted Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting
by Posy
Posy Party Cakes

Carrot Cupcakes and Banana Cupcakes
by Brilynn
Jumbo Empanadas

Basic Vanilla Cupcakes with Two Kinds of Chocolate Buttercream
by Cheryl C.
Crispy Waffle

Banana Tropical Pomegranate Surprise Cupcakes
by Sandra
Yes, I Am a Bitch, Get Over It


  1. Oh, how many delicious beauties!

    I have seen your face all over town today. Handsome and adorable! :-)

  2. That is a HUGE round up, nice work!

  3. So many delicious treats! Thank you for hosting!

  4. I am pulling for the black and tan, and the black sesame peanut butter, because I have never seen anything like those two varieties done before. :)

  5. Woah, so many entries! We food bloggers will take over the world, one cupcake at a time ;)

    Thanks to you and Cheryl for hosting this most brilliant event!

  6. Thank you for making a novice foodblogger one of the chosen few!!

  7. Thank you for hosting to you and Cheryl! It has been fun.:)

  8. I am in cupcake heaven... what a lovely roundup!

  9. I am kicking myself for not making a cupcake!!! Of course, looking at that long list of creativity, I'm not sure what I had in mind would have stood a chance...

    Fabulous work!

  10. Wow, even Izzy hasn't baked that many cupcakes on "Grey's Anatomy." Congratulations on the success of your event. Are there any leftovers???

  11. Man, do these look delicious! I've never really been much of a cupcake person, but I think that looking at these pictures might have converted me.

  12. Yum yum yum!! Wonderful looking treats!!!

  13. Fabulous round up, Garrett & Cheryl!! Thanks so much for hosting =)

    What an amazing array of creative cupcakes! I don't think there was one run of the mill, boring cupcake in the bunch - excellent job everyone! =)

  14. I am simply overwhelmed by the variety and flavors of all these cupcakes.


  15. Fabulous and Bravo!

    The "key to my heart" cupcakes are so sweet..great for valentines day. I couldn't do it though.

    I screw up everything I try to bake.

    I really have baker's envy now.

  16. What a fantabulous parade of cupcakes. Serious eye candy. Congrats! And cupcake kisses, xoxo

  17. I saw the roundup first on the Cupcake Bakeshop! I'm 1) sad I missed out on this event because I would have loved an excuse to make cupcakes and 2) wanted to see if you had any more Nutella recipes lurking in the shadows for World Nutella Day on February 6th!

    We'd love to have you participate. There's more info on my blog or

  18. Thanks to you and Chockylit for hosting the event! I have a question for you. We're meeting my mom-in-law in Davis before she does a big run and she needs to eat straight carbs (pasta, bread) on the eve of her run. Any suggestions for restaurants that the rest of us will enjoy, as well? Thank you!

  19. Mama F: Try Aioli Bodega. There is also Pasta? and Fuzio's but those places are kinda hot and miss. I honestly don't eat a lot of pasta, so I would stick with Aioli Bodega.

  20. Thanks for the recommendation, Garrett!

  21. Great cupcakes I just happened upon this blog and I am a big cupcake lover. I do want to make the tiramisu cupcakes by becky brown. I was wondering if she had a blog of her own. If she does I would like to have her address to visit. If she does please send me a link to
    Thanks again

  22. this is going on my favorites. i will definitely refer to this list the next time i'm at a loss for a recipe! thank you!!!


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