Boy, O' Boy! (The Waterboy - Sacramento, CA)

Friday, February 9, 2007

So, here is the review as promised, sadly I forgot my camera that day *head hit keyboard*. I'm also tired as I just had a bit of cutting done on me at the hospital (nothing serious), so I hope you enjoy this!

I was lucky enough to recently have a fabulous meal thanks at The Waterboy for an Edible Sacramento meeting with Darren, Ann, Jennifer, and Steven. It's a place that's been touted as one of Sacramento's best restaurants, and let me tell you it lives up to that reputation. Using seasonal, local ingredients, it presents surprise after surprise!

After first stepping in, you notice the high ceilings, the tasteful art, the classy tables and chairs. All beautifully done. Nothing else to say.

We first were first presented with some roasted marcona almonds and an antipasto platter. Best. Snacky Plates. Ever. The almonds were butter with small flakes of salt allowing them to pirouette on your tongue. The various cured meats, bruschetta, and cheese were fabu, and the olives! So well herbed, such eloquence in the subtle oils, I was smitten! The only quirk about the platter was the fact they gave us four pieces of bread, yet there were five of us. A small hiccup, and more bread was made available.

Soon a plate of various raw marinated fish was placed before us. Each was fresh and buttery, I was throughly surprised by this fact as I try not to order Monday fish due to past experiences. A pizzetta with housemade sausage, roasted red peppers, and onions was also served. It kind of contradicted every wine at the table, so as a first course it may throw things off, but on it's own it was spicy with layers of Italian flavors classically prepared.

The baby beet salad was rich with the various red and yellow beets seducing you with their color, deep flavor, and texture. Roasted almonds and watercress also gave variety in texture and flavors. The blood orange vinaigrette got a little lost in the whole thing, but taste great none the less.

I then had the mixed grill of lamb, quail, and pancetta. The quail seemed lacking in salt, but that was easily remedied. Served with a butternut polenta and wilted greens, it was a dish to remember. This was it, it had beat Mason's hands down.

And it only got better. Chocolate brioche bread pudding that warmed the entire body! Soft gingerbread with meyer lemon sabayon and candied ginger eased you into warm smiles and laughter! Boston cream pie was playful in it's presentation and taste!

Each wine was truly fabulous. I would give you a run down, but when it comes to wine Garrett don't know jack. Jennifer made the decisions, which is a good thing as she worked at a vineyard in Ojai so she knows what's down and what to leave echoed. Darren knows whats what too as he works in wine. Yeah, they roll like that. Each wine perfectly complemented the meal, and the wait staff seemed to know their stuff, so I feel I could trust myself in their hands. (I really need to take a wine class, I'm suddenly finding so many I love!)

It was needless to say, an experience. A decadent one. A fabulous one. The menu is seasonal and changes abut every month, but from what others tell me, repeated visits never cease to amaze. Wine, music, and surroundings complete the meal. It's like stepping into a world where only good things can happen.

The Waterboy
2000 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 498-9891


  1. Fabulous review, as usual. Thank you. I will post that guests come over and view it.

  2. restaurants with seasonal menus are the best! thats how they do it in never know if you will be able to eat that dish there again. lets face it...tomatoes fresh off the vine in summer are better than any store bought "winter" tomato... its the same for all produce...

  3. i have been cruising the food blogs and vanillagarlic is by far the most food-centric and sophisticated...great job, i am inspired and heartened by this local davis enthusiasm!!

  4. Melly - Thanks, I'm glad that you found this deemable for such a respected forum!

    BintheB - Agreed. Seasonal makes a big difference in menus and since we live in Sacramento, a breadbasket of the US, it's surprising we don't see more of it.

    Jessica - Well shucks! I'm red as a barn door! Glad you like it!

  5. Are you serious? Have you heard something?

    I was trying to keep it completely disrespected and thought I had achieved it!

    You know I love your blog. I always learn so much.


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