Guilty Food Confessions

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Yeah, we have a filler post today. I'm insane busy this week what with work, trying to get everything organized for my grad school application, and hunting for a new place to live. However, I promise a good review of The Waterboy, and a damn good cupcake series in the next few days, and maybe a surprise or two.

So what are we going to do today, kiddies? Well, I thought I might open the forum and admit my little foodie secrets. All the foods I normally won't admit to eating but love to when no one is looking. My guilty food pleasures. These are what I eat when I watch shows like The Girls Next Door, which is awesome and another guilty pleasure of mine. So frickin' funny.

So here we go, my Top 5:
In & Out french fries: Greasy, salty goodness. And I swear to God, if you try and take one... I'll cut you.

Tubes of Cookie Dough: Sure I've made my own to devour, but store bought is quicker. Crack it open, pour a glass of milk, pop a cheesy B-horror flick into the DVD player and enjoy. Totally worth the stomach ache.

Cheez-its: I will curse all generations of your family if you touch my cheez-its. I'll engrave the nasty sin of you touching my cheez-its on your damnable soul. Then I'll cut you... again.

64 Box of Corn Dogs from Costco: These were a food group for me and my no-budget in college. Remember, the FDA suggest 3 servings a day.

Mint Oreos: They rarely make it home from the store. I once hid them in an empty Wheat Thins box so my roommates wouldn't find them and I wouldn't have to share.

There ya' go. Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment with your own fun confessions. TTFN - Ta ta for now!


  1. Funny post, not "filler" at all. Have you ever had your french fries from In & out "animal style"? A must try at least once :)P.S. I'm with you on the "cheez its"(mine are inside an oatmeal box)!

  2. 1) Grilled cheese sandwiches
    2) French fries preferrably cut thick, but any will do really, with lots of ketchup and/or ranch dressing
    3) Jelly Bellies, except the black ones
    4) Mac and cheese with extra cheese
    5) Coca-Cola

    PS Good luck on the grad school apps, Garrett. I'm sure you'll do us proud.

  3. I love to eat sour cream straight from the carton and both raw biscuit and pie crust dough. I'm thinking I have a thing for white foods!

  4. Hiya!

    I made your chocolate chipotle cupcakes last night - switching up the recipe a bit. We added frosting and a chili chaser. They turned out FANTASTIC! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

    You can see photos here.

    ~ K

  5. Wow--you elicit more violent food reactions than Tony Bourdain. Kinda hot!

    As a kid I used to only order plain cheeseburgers. Then I'd stuff my french fries in 'em. Now I do that about once a year just for old time's sake!

  6. Weakness foods...

    1) Kraft Dinner
    2) Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli
    3) Tony's forzen canadian bacon pizza (when in the States)
    4) Poutine from Utopia in Toronto

    And I am finally learning how to share... it's this whole blogging world... I wanna try yours so I gotta let you try mine!

  7. Good post... I absolutely love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfingers.

  8. What you want is chocolate-covered mint oreos. Then put them in the freezer. They're like Thin Mints but thicker. I call them Thick Mints.

  9. gigi - animal style? i do not know of this... O.o

    Mer - I feel ya on the jelly bellies, i punish those like nothing else.

    texan - I have a friend who eats sour cream and mayo with a spoon. lol

    Kate - love your adaptation and linked to it in the comments of the original recipe

    Acme - Damn straight it's hot!

    Dyna - bacon pizza! XD Yum!

    Julie - Rob eats resses cups like he just got outta prison.

    Aiofi - I have tried those and frozen them. It's like there's an orgy in my mouth.

  10. Have you ever had CHOCOLATE covered Mint Oreos?? *Drool*

    I'll copy your idea for my blog for today!!! :)

  11. Yes! Yes! yes! To everyone except the mint oreos, but if you dunk them in white chocolate, I'm with you all the way, baby! Now see, that wasn't so bad. Confession is good for the soul. :-)

  12. Pop-tarts (tm). Are they ever gluten free, or organic, or in season, or offered in an heirloom variety? I even read the ingredients before sighing and putting them in my cart. I eeevil.

  13. Speghetti O's...cold...straight from the can, or a hot dog shopped up and stirred into some Kraft mac & cheese.

  14. I'm just excited to find someone who has The Girls Next Door as a guilty pleasure. I love that show.

  15. Is it wrong that I read the mint oreos and thought, "What a great hiding place!"

    Can't wait to try that with my roommate. =)

  16. cream cheese frosting. I always seem to make too much...


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