"It's all about me, and what I know!" - Alti, Xena (Season 6)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm not normally a fan of memes, but I had a block of time to kill for once and figured why the hell not? Plus Amy and Tea both tagged me for this so how can I say no? So here is some stuff you don't know about your favorite blogger:

1) I worked in a cafe run by a total crazy eastern European guy. I worked there for four hours; after that he called back, drunk as frat boy at pledge week, and said he changed his mind about hiring more help. I was paid out of the till for the four hours and sent home. Probably a good thing too. The special was a mocha thingy with cookies sticking out of it, which inevitably sink to the bottom of your drink and become nasty mush.

2) I am a total nerd in some respects. I have every season of Xena in my DVD collection, I watch them so often that Rob now can tell give you character histories just from absorbing the information through osmosis. Plus, how can you not love Alti and Callisto as villains?

I also am addicted to Final Fantasy games and other like minded RPG video games. The past three months, when I can, I have been trying to save the world of Ivalice.

3) I don't like driving more than 60 minutes at a time. Otherwise I fall asleep, or need a book on tape to keep me awake. It's not a good thing.

4) I grew up in Mission Viejo, in Orange County, California. I have toured castles in Spain, seen the ruins of Ephesus, bartered in the fish markets of Greece, seen the Blue Mosque in Turkey, encountered death in Austria, seen poverty Slovania, had a home cooked meal in Slovakia, crossed a bridge for luck in the Czech Republic, almost bombed in Israel, set off an alarm in a restaurant by accident in Italy, scuba dived in St. Kitts, was fooled by a glass cannon in Nevis, saw two European towns in St. Barts, visited Mexico many times (got sick once), saw the Queen run into a bunch of naked gay men in Canada, chillaxed in Costa Rica and seen what there is to see in most every state except I believe Maine and Alaska. I am only 23, and still have a few more places on my list to go before I die.

5) My eventual career goal is to be a professional writer of some sort and a college English professor so I can be paid to lock myself away and do reseach projects, which I love. I mean, I am happiest when I have a 40 page paper due and have open time to research as much as I want, then in the end turn it in to my professor after getting permission to go an extra 15 pages. Pure F*&%'en Joy.

6) BONUS! My friends from way back and I adopted the word shibby from an on-line comic called Boy Meets Boy. This comic helped get through hard times in life more than once, and always cheered up my day. It's sadly no longer going, but two of the characters got a spin off comic. The art starts kinda funky, but progresses and is now truly professional and shibby. Worth reading just to watch the evolution of an artist, but also funny, fantastic and light hearted.

I tag Gigi Cakes, Pie is the New Toast, Restaurant Whore, S'kat and the Food, and What Did You Eat?. I expect full reports by all of you or else I go Xena on your @$$.


  1. Oh you lucky lucky guy! I dream of going to Turkey and Costa Rica someday. That was a fun meme, I love reading people's answers and getting to know them better. :)

  2. I absolutly love your blog!! Just as you read the comic, Boy Meets Boy when you were having a hard day; I read you blog when my law classes seem overwhemling. You make my many nights of insomia(from breifing cases)bearable. Thank you for the praises and the fab work you do on your blog!

  3. Admittedly, I'm envious of all the places you've been! What a host of fantastic experiences.

    I love RPGs too!!

  4. How are you so well travelled at such a young age? Such adventures!

  5. Wow, you have certainly travelled around this world! I think that is awesome. I am hoping to do a bit of travelling before I die as well. I've only been to maybe 5 states in my entire life and while technically I was on the Canadian side of the border, it really doesn't count considering I live near the border.

    I promise I will do this, probably on Friday or something! :)

  6. It was worth it just to find out the origins of "shibby!"

    Well done, my friend.

  7. haha, tell me about that certain "cafe". i worked there for about 6 months and it was quite an experience. (funny thing, i didn't even have to look at the link to know where you were talking about) ah, davis...

  8. I've read your blog for a little while, but I've never commented, so, 'Hello'. I believe I started around the earl grey cupcakes... which were fantastic, by the way.

    I can't believe you're only 23, I'm only 23 but you've traveled the world and back again. You're so well spoken and eloquent. I too love the word shibby, and it's been referenced in a movie. I can't think of which one. any ideas?

    ~ Mer

  9. Christine - Turkey was awesome. FOod was delish. Check out the Yogurtland blog to see some real tasty and authentic dishes.

    Gigi - THanks! I love your blog too (but you know that already!)

    S'kat - Points for you on the RPGs.

    Hilary - Sing it sister. The man is crazy.

    Uber Mer - Glad you like the blog and the cupcakes! As for shibby in a movie? I have no clue.

    I was lucky to have family in a variety of places and a crazy mother who insisted on month long camping trips and travel across the US in a 1970 something VW bus camper. *shudder*

    When we got older my parents and their magic budgeting abilities we traveled the world. Rob and I are slowly saving for a trip to Japan or Germany, depends who wins in a game of Connect Four.

  10. Wow--am so jealous of all the traveling you've done. That's wonderful! We'd love to see pics sometime-hint hint! And love that you're a fellow writer too. I haven't quite made up my mind either what kind of writer I want to be when I grow up. I've published aritcles and poems but I've also got screenplays in a drawer and am hacking out a novel as we type (well am on a few minutes of hiatus). I'll be watching you and will be near the head of the line to say congrats as you publish!


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