Vosges Sampler II - Chocolate Truffles

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Simple truffles. Smooth and creamy dark chocolate ganache. Paper thin dark chocolate shell. Cocoa powder. Three forms of chocolate in one delicious little bite. Rob makes truffles this way too, and they're pretty on par with his (Rob will add Chinese 5 spice or mint sometimes, yums!). This however was a dedication to tasting pure chocolate on a variety of levels. Resonant and clear.
Tasty Links!
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The above are some delicious links, but feel free to post your own truffle recipes in the comments.


  1. I wonder how they get the cocoa powder to stay powdery. When I make truffles at home, the cocoa powder almost always 'soaks in' and I must continuously re-powder them. Hmmm. Any ideas?

  2. I think they wait until the thin chocolate shell dries and the bring the whole theing to slightly below room temperature so the heat in your hands doesn't melt the shell and cause it to absorb the powder. Chocolate is very finicky.

  3. I think they get the cocoa powder to stick and not "soak in" by chilling it quite well and bringing them into a standard room temperature room so the truffles "sweat" just a little. I think then they put them in a single, roomy layer in a deep pan with a fairly deep layer of cocoa in it and roll them around. Then I think they sift even more cocoa over them and let them come to room temp while resting in the cocoa. In a few hours they just give them a quick roll in the cocoa and package them.

    That's how I would do it, anyway.


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