Vosges Sampler III - Exotic Candy Bar Tasting

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lastly we have the candy bars. A mini box set that allows you to taste a few different flavors. The best thing is that you get to try a wide variety. The bad thing is you can't try them all, so now I plan to go out and taste the other flavors.

Naga (Milk Chocolate + Sweet Curry + Coconut Flakes)
- "No words... They should have sent... a poet." -Contact
Warm. Sweet. Exotic. Best piece of chocolate I have ever had. Ever. EVER.
Try it and you can see why I made my own cupcake interpretation a year or so ago.

Woolloomooloo (Roasted and Salted Macadamia + Indonesian Coconut + Hemp Seed + Milk Chocolate) - Light and airy. The hemp seed leaves a (pardon the pun) herbiness lingering in the back of your mouth that quite enjoyable, in a right way. Salted macadamia nuts are slight, but not inconsequential. They have that slight butter flavor the macadamias are wont to have and lend a nice crunch to the candy bar. Sadly, I couldn't taste the coconut, no matter how hard I tried.

Gianduja (Almonds + Hazelnuts + Milk Chocolate) - Gianduja is a chocolate candy filled with a sweet almond and hazelnut paste. A popular confection in Italy. This candy bar twist tasted like a very silky Nutella, but with a hint of almond. Loved it. I wonder if I can translate this into a biscotti...

Matcha (Matcha + Milk Chocolate) - The matcha was nicely bitter and sweet, and matched well with the chocolate. I love the combination of chocolate and green tea matcha, so I came into the candy bar having a clear idea of what to expect and I do so love it when my expectations are so clearly met.

Barcelona (Hickory Smoked Almonds + Grey Sea Salt + Milk Chocolate) - The salt was nicely subtle and the smoked almonds have gave nutty hints and smoky whisps of flavor. A very common combination given a bit of airy elegance.

Black Pearl (Ginger + Wasabi + Black Sesame Seeds + Dark Chocolate) - Very gingery to begin with, then the black sesame slowly reveals it's flavor all around your mouth and the warming wasabi just floats in at the end and then just as you grasp it, it vanishes. Fantastic. Really, a bar I could eat every day.

Oaxaca (Gjuaillo and Pasilla Chillies + Tanzanian Bittersweet Chocolate) - Dark chocolate that seems sweet and bitter and regular. Then a minute or two later a warm and intense spice just hits you in the back of your mouth. Very fun to eat.

Red Fire (Mexican Ancho and Chipotle Peppers + Ceylon Cinnamon + Dark Chocolate) - A candy bar version of the now famous Mexican hot chocolate. Historical, the flavors are steeped in tradition and in turn are very flavorful, they're reason for permanence speaking for themselves. If you want a tasty cupcake version try this cupcake!

I plan to check out a few of their other candy bar flavors in the future. The Calindia, Goji (of which Cheryl made a cupcake version), and d'Oliva especially piquing my interest as well as the bacon bar. Cause we know I love bacon, especially in a cupcake!

For other opinions and reviews, I highly suggest checking out Chocolate Obsession. This link is to a word search using the key term "Vosges" so you'll pull up reviews of other goodies I never tried and reviews of ones I did. The person behind it is very thorough and clear in their analysis.


  1. http://www.zotter.at/137.html

    just to tempt you

    zotter chocolates...i've not been able to afford them yet...


  2. Greg and I tried the bacon bar last weekend and found it to have a nice salty taste to it, but it wasn't obvious that it was bacon.

    I did have one little nugget hit jus the right spot on my taste buds that I could tell it was bacon, but it was a fleeting moment, and perhaps it was just the power of suggestion.

  3. Not the biggest fan of macadamia & coconut, but might have to get it just to say "Woolloomooloo" :)

  4. chocolate tasting, sounds delish! I love seeing another Sac food blog out here. great recipes for cupcakes too!

  5. I love the Vosges bars too. The Naga is by far my favorite. I tried the Olive/white chocolate one and enjoyed it, a nice balance of sweet and salty. The bacon bar didn't seem very balanced and I was a little disappointed. I'd love to see what others think about it.
    I've had a few Zotter bars too. The Spicy Chicken Ensemble is awesome.

  6. I loved the Calindia and the Black Pearl, they're my secret little indulgence when I go shopping at our local Co-op. i'll have to try one of these other flavors next time!


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