Santa Dad Will Have His Cookies

Friday, November 30, 2007

While at Safeway, I saw this transpire...

Child: "Mom! Dad! We need to make sure we leave out cookies for Santa this year!"

Mom: "Oh, I don't think so. Santa eats so many cookies, maybe we should leave out a carrot stick and some soy milk instead." *looks at her husband and smacks him on his slightly bigger than average belly*

Dad: "Son, do you think we should give Santa cookies or carrots?"


Dad: "Okay then."

The best part is he then just walked around her and grabbed the fudge covered mint oreos.


  1. If it wasn't for the kid I would think you were following me around the grocery store.

  2. carrots and soy milk? that's cruel...and a great way to make sure "Santa" will start Christmas day in just a fantastic mood.

    "Santa" at my house gets a piece of buttered French bread and a glass of homemade hard cider!

    By the way, the white-chocolate-fudge covered Oreos are really good.

  3. That's awesome. I'll never forget the Christmas mass when our priest announced that when he was a child his parents left a glass of Scotch and an Abba-Zabba for Santa Claus.

  4. ha ha ha

    That's hilarious! Great post! At our house, the boys get to help pick out the goodies for Santa.


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