A Food Focused Day

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

7:45-1:30 - Volunteered at the Sacramento Food Bank with some awesome people. Begin to crash slowly as was out the night before dancing until 3 am. Very fun helping people out who need it. Helps bring me back to reality where not everyone can enjoy food the way I do. Spilled expired yogurt into my gloves and made hands sticky and smell. So not cool.

1:45-3:00 - Had lunch at Bistro 33 in Sacramento. Pleased at the sammiches, even if they got my order wrong. Too tired to complain. May seek vengeance later, but doubtful as I am lazy.

3:30-3:50 - Went to Corti Bros. looked around with Ashley and Raul. Almost passed out in a display of Chardonnay. Realization my broke ass would be screwed after trying to pay for dozens of bottles of wine kept me awake.

3:50-4:00 - Got lost in Sacramento. Knew we should have turned right at Broadway.

4:00-4:10 - Accidentally found great Chinese butcher. Elise picks up 2 pounds of chicken feet for cooking. Or maybe witchcraft. I wasn't really paying attention. Sleepy sleepy sleepy.

4:10-4:15 - Fell asleep. Drooled on self. V. unflattering.

4:15-5:00 - Went to see Dennis and Mary. Had a delicious conversation along with a delicious grilled cheese sammich with home cured salmon and lemon confit. Dennis and Mary excellent people as always. Chatted over plots for a cream de' toasted almond (but say it in actual Italian). Was gifted with preserved lemons done far better than my own and a bottle of limoncello. Score. Heart Dennis so much.

6:30 - Got home. No remember anything. Too sleepy. Thighs hurt from dancing on a box in front of a lot of people after too many drinks. Brain hurt. Can't remember why my hand smells like gross milk. Sleep.


  1. I'm tired for you after reading that.

  2. I'm sorry you were so tired, but what a hilarious account of your food-focused day. I especially love the image of Elise buying chicken feet for witchcraft!

  3. You really have a gift for great writing. Love your blog.

  4. Dancing on a box??? Glad you're out and about - be safe! What else is a mother suppose to say???

  5. LOL! Shame on you for spreading rumors, you disco boy you! You were sooooo sleeeeeeeeepy by about 3, no wonder we got lost. I sure as hell don't know where I'm going. :-)

  6. Sounds tiring but very fun!
    Where is there a good Chinese butcher? I'd love to know!

  7. American Poultry at 5th and Broadway is a great little chicken and duck supplier. Very unassuming location but fresh Petaluma products with all parts still attached.


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