The Best Little Taco Secret (El Herradero Taqueria - Sacramento, CA)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Edible Sacramento, Winter 2008-2009. Be sure to pick up or order your copy!The main pitfall to reviewing restaurants is that you have to check out so many places that you don’t really have a chance to make a place you love your own. I do have one secret little place though, which after much debate (serious about that by the way) I decided to write about.

El Herradero Taqueria is a little adobe colored building with green awnings that you’ve probably passed by a thousand times on Arden, but never gave it much notice. Walking up you’ll notice the quaint patio seating, but inside you’ll notice the art work by local artists, and the pain staking detail put into the upholstery, paint, and every other eye catching piece of décor. It’s homey and warm, encouraging you to come in and enjoy yourself.

It’s been open less than a year, but they already have a loyal customer base. As I sat and ate my meal, Rosa greeted many of her customers by name and knew their orders by heart. No less than three had brought friends to introduce to the excitingly brazen menu.

Did I forget to mention the menu? It’s very simple. Taco’s, fajitas, and burritos. But it’s the choices involved, the basics such as pescado, camaron, y carnitas (fish, shrimp, and pork), to some choices that most Americans aren’t used to like lengua and cabeza (tongue and head).

The shrimp taco, which can be grilled regular, spicy, or with garlic, is served with sour cream, chopped cabbage, Spanish rice, and when made with spicy shrimp packs quite a punch. The shredded pork taco is served with salsa, beans, cilantro, and has the best shredded pork I have ever had. Period.

The carne asada is a bit greasy for my preference, but will please any fan. If you’re an adventurous eater looking for a traditional taco taste, try the tongue with salsa verde. It tastes a bit like turkey with salsa.

It’s less crowded than Tres Hermanas and Chipotle, and tastes way better; it’s a secret worth exploring.

El Herradero Taqueria
2330 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95825


  1. If they have cheek meat and you haven't tried it do so forthwith! My favorite thing about visiting CA is eating as many cheek meat tacos as I can before I return to CO.

  2. Hey Garrett , the review sounds wonderful , but unfortunately fr me i cant drop by .... i live really really far away !


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