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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life sadly, is starting to catch up with me. My eyes have been bigger than my stomach (is that the right part when it comes to food writing?) and I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew. The magazine is taking up quite a bit of time as I'm sweating out the research for a little piece, more so, a few other places have picked me up for some writing as well.*

And who knew? The stuff I put out on the blog is a little more seat of your pants, on the fly, rarely proofread, 3 am with Xena reruns on in the background kinda stuff. But then again, if I really sat down with it, it might end up killing me. Surprisingly I actually have the ability to put out some quality writing when I actually sit down and put some time into it.

Aside from that little announcement, I'm afraid I have nothing to really post about. No pictures of food, no recipes written, no stupids to report. Oh I have done new recipes, I've just been too tired to put them up and write them down. There have been stupids, but just the regular kind on the freeway and such.

Instead, I'll direct you elsewhere. The place my recipes do go for the most part nowadays. I've apparently been baking up quite a storm over at Simply Recipes. I never realized how many though until it was all laid out. I hope you'll try some of them out and leave a comment over there about how it all worked for ya'.

I will come back with a real post later. I swear.



*In addition, I'm preparing to teach a class, get some reading done ahead of time for when classes kick back in in September, and readying for Taste3. Plus, you know, my real day job. At some point I sleep, though I lose track of that.


  1. I'm glad more places have pick you up to write for them.. you write wonderfully. I'll have to check out Simply recipes for more of your recipies. I love your blog but it's great that your getting so well known that you have little time for it..

  2. *hugs*

    Get some sleep. You sound like you need it. Congragulations on the work, good luck with the class, let us know how it goes in the end.


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