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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I address you live from the Taste3 convention in Napa. As you may already know I'm in attendance here on one of their fellowships, attending what may well be considered the leading innovative, creative, fascinating, and thought provoking conferences in the all encompassing intersection of wine, food, and art.I've actually been blogging for them over at the Taste3 blog, and am right now upstairs at Copia (dressed up I might add, very rare form for me) before the welcome reception typing to all of you. I will be planning to bring you updates throughout the weekend and after the event has passed over the next few days.

I say a few days because there is simply so much going on; it becomes difficult to find a moment to sit down a blog about it. The sessions and events are intense and satisfying and already I've taken a nap to recover from the sheer raw energy that the other guests, participants, staff, speakers and hosts all bring. It is awe inspiring to be sure. And I never, ever need a nap.

Today was filled with two winery tours, two tastings, and a lunch that just calmed any curiosities you may have about the Napa Valley myth that the world portrays. Let me address those curiosities. A wine paired luncheon, on a beautiful gorgeous day (in the 80's in Summer no less!) with amazing people who not only share your exuberance about food and wine but actually encourage and engage in the discussion about it. This place is simply breathtaking and everything you think it to be.

This valley has mystical/agricultural/intellectual properties that seem to celebrate the foodie culture and all it's facets, it nurtures them and allows you to grow and expand in your knowledge and sight.

I promise to bring you more updates as time allows, already I am running late. I will write soon about the day, and try to find time tomorrow between Michael Ruhlman *swoon* and Jennifer 8. Lee.On a personal note, be sure to pick up the new copies of Edible Sacramento for my Errant Gourmet section, and the new issue of Sacramento Magazine with a review of mine. Eat Local, Read Local!


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip so far. Can't wait to hear more about it.
    Heading out to that area in the fall for a wedding--maybe you'll have some good restaurant recs for me!


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