A Surprise at My Door

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walking in from Taste3, I nearly collapsed on the floor. My cinder block heavy luggage tumbeled out of my hand with slump and my body near followed. The jeering mewing of hungry cats (who had probably been overfed earlier) ran circles around and pawed at me demanding once more to fed, oblivious to my fatigued state. The weekend's activities, drinking, eating, and overall merrymaking had taken it's toll.

My roommate had moved out over the weekend and left earlier that morning before I had returned. The place was a mess, the floor had a silken spin of cat hair matting it, a skyline of dishes packed the sink in it's silver and bone white magnanimity, the stove top was stained and dotted with burned unidentifiable sauces.

As I fed the cats in order to quiet their incessant bleating I noticed a package sitting on the table. it was addressed to me. I was curious at the fact of the package. I hadn't ordered anything. My mother, a chronic sender of packages filled with attic finding, newspaper clippings, clothes from high school days and whatever what-have-yous she happens to find didn't inform me of anything.

I poured myself a glass of warm water from the sink as the roommate didn't fill the Brita pitcher before he left (bitch), and sat down to the table. I ripped the thing open with a bit of newfound strength, the kind any child has at 4 a.m. on Christmas morning.

Inside was a brand new copy of The Joy of Cooking. The tome of the kitchen.

I was enthralled and ecstatic. After recently losing all my books to The Unyielding, I was left in want. Here now, in my hands, was the book of books. I never owned a copy of TJoC, it was something I always wanted but never got around to buying or never received a copy for my birthday.

I checked the receipt and smiled, and immediately went to my e-mail to write my heartfelt and joyful thanks.

So thank you, Kalyn, for the delightful gift. I'm already through the intro and trying to decide the recipe to make, though the buffalo wings on page 80 seem to have caught my eye. I'll be sure to keep you posted. This is truly a gift I'll cherish and a book I can hopefully pass on to my future children.


  1. Garrett, you are so welcome. It was very fun for me to be able to surprise you, and Elise helped by getting your address for me. I have to admit that my heart stopped momentarily when I read about all the cookbooks getting ruined. I don't know what I would do if my room ever leaked!

    I just wish I could figure out how to do Amazon.com's gift cards so there hadn't been a receipt! (Sometimes it works like a charm and other times I can't figure out how to get to that page! Hate it when that happens.)

  2. Yah, Kalyn is da bomb, isn't she?

  3. Which version did you get? I have a copy of the original, which has some pretty awesome recipes for squirrel dumplings and calves brains and shad milt...what's milt, you say? Look it up.


  4. That is my go to book. It has great recipes. I love it.

  5. Awww, that's sweet. Enjoy your new cookbook. It sounds wonderful.

  6. Now that was a very nice surprise!

  7. What a sweet thing to do! I gave my mom that book for her birthday last year. She rarely cooks, but seeing as how I still live in her house, I figured I'd use it!

  8. i bought my copy of Joy in 1977, when i got my first apartment. i still have it, still use it, still love it.

    i hope yours brings you much Joy.


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