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Friday, November 21, 2008

"Hey, Garrett!"

Waiting for my peppermint hot cocoa behind a line of people long enough to start a rousing game of Red Rover, Red Rover with I turn around and see L, a satellite acquaintance I've known over the past few years. Not really a friend, but someone I know through other people and have encountered plenty of times and had a few forgettable conversations with. L is one of those people I have little respect for. Very sexy, smart, successful but conceited to the point where I feel that some Narccissian death with a shiny moving car grill that gives a nice reflection will probably be his end. Moreover, he's only pretty to look at until he opens his mouth.

"Hey L, been a while, how are you?"

"Pretty good, just working at the office still. I hate it and want to tear off my skin everyday but the pay is good."

"Well, as long as you have something to look forward to at the end of the day." I laugh. We laugh. Not because I think it's funny per se', rather I think it's sad, but I laugh because I can't think of any other sort of reply.

"So what have you been up to?"

"Oh, work at the non-profit still. Grad classes at night. Writing here and there and developing recipes on the side. A lot of stuff, but I'm happy doing all of it. I've chosen professions known for paying poorly: writing, cooking, and teaching once I graduate." It's a staple answer and staple joke I use in these passing situations where I have to sum up my life in under ten seconds.

"Awesome. Hey, so last night I hooked up with your ex."

"Uh... wha? Who?" I'm stunned. I mean literally, my mind is just stopped and my heart gets a bit racy and erratic. As Rob and I only split back in April, this seems awfully fast to me.

"Yeah, A. Hope you're not mad. I figured you may have heard about it."

"Huh, him?" My body returns to it's calm and regular state with the clarification. You see, A is my ex from about 5 years ago. We had dated for 8 months. While heart breaking back then, I never give a thought to him anymore. As time went on we became more and more different people than who we were before. I doubt we even have anything in common anymore. I have said hi once or twice but for the most part we don't talk, but I still hold a respect for him. As for how I might have heard of it, we don't really run in the same circles and like I said, A and I never talk. L is informing me because he knows I would otherwise be unaware of the fact. For him to bring this up out of the blue like this is just a queer plot* to attack me on the emotional level.

"No, not at all. Go crazy. I haven't talked to him in years." And it's the truth, I honestly don't give a damn. I am annoyed by the turn of the conversation though. For absolutely no reason, a relative stranger felt some strange need to try and hurt my feelings for no particular purpose except to be a total douche and a tool.

All humans have an innate need to exert power and control over others, maybe not all the time, but it's hardwired into our psyche through biology and by society that dominance has value. This sense is more heavily instilled in some more than others. It gives a feeling of power, for if we can control the feelings of others, then how can we NOT be in control of our own? I think that's the general reasoning behind it; some sort of self needing drive to validate one's self.

"Oh. So..." his angular expression seems to express a slight confusion. I haven't reacted as planned. I sense he will be in a pout about this later.

The coffee girl calls up my order and slides the steamy hot cocoa, no whipped cream, along the counter to me. I glide around L, and grab it, and begin reaching for a lid as I speak out loud so he can hear me as he stares at my back. "A is good people, so be nice to him. Anywhose, I have to get back to work." I turn around a flash a slight smile.

And out the door I go. I roll my eyes so hard I can see the back of my skull. I pride myself in trying to avoid drama but sometimes it just seeks you out and tries to pull you in. However, I do not have time for drama to be makin' my cocoa cold.

*double entendre not intended


  1. Good post. I try to avoid drama too, but isn't it sad how it can totally take hold of you... either because you're emotionally involved in it, or because you're mad at the person who is trying to involve you. :) Good call on grabbing the hot cocoa and jamming out of there.

  2. My dear, given the fact that you are a cat abusing, racist, murderer of all things bovine, do you really think it's a good idea to offend drama queens too? I can just imagine the next wave of hate mail...

    Oh well, keep up the good work. It always brightens my day to read your posts.

  3. Some people aren't worth your time. If L tries again, use the clue-by-four up against his thick skull and explain, in small words, that you could care less.

    Whatever you do, don't dump the precious hot cocoa on him. What a waste that would be!

  4. Wow. Um... wow. What a jerk.
    Love the title! So clever. And SO TRUE.

  5. My father & I discussed this very thing this morning.

    I live 200+ kilometres from my old neighbourhood, and so rarely run into people from there, but they always have to bring up my ex-bf.

    OK that relationship was pretty intense & I will always have a soft spot for him, but I couldnt care less who he is sleeping with & if I did I could ring his mother & ask. His family & I were very close, and are still on good terms.

    It was all more than 10 years ago, but for some reason people still think it relevant. I do what you did, just be polite, and get away asap.

  6. What a douche. You are totally right about it being a power trip to throw that in your face. Way to be the better man.

  7. Ah, another rousing tale of an insecure man fumbling to cement his ficticious position in the preceived "pecking order" of life. L is pathetic.

  8. UGH. Some people thrive off of drama. We know this, and avoid it as much as possible. Some people just don't have anything else in their lives.


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