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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ah yes, the seeds, here they are. Six cups of them to be precise. I used Elise's recipe, which always works like a charm. They were, to be succinct, delicious.

I also got in some new vanilla beans that were grown in India. The beans are huge and very oily, with a very muted, woodsy quality. A good vanilla that would stand up well to spices with a more heady comportment in a dish, where the presence of cloves, rosemary, cinnamon, or thyme (and other such flavors with a dominating flavor) may threaten to eclipse other vanilla varieties. I updated the Vanilla Varieties page as well, if you wanna check it out.

I have taken to putting some in small vials with brandy or rum to create some cleverly flavored extracts for Christmas gifts. I look forward to tasting the results.On another completely unrelated note my friend Paige, who works over as Vosges as one of their marketers, and I were chatting. We set up a special little dealie-o for all you Vanilla Garlic readers. If you want to try some of their wares you can get 10% from now till the end of November by using this code during the point of purchase online at their website. The code is: 2810WB1. I'm not getting anything for this, just something for you guys if you're interested.

Hope that you all find your November starting well, the next few days are going to be crazy. Time change and elections! For those living in CA, please vote No on 8. Don't deny me the right to wedding gift registry in the future. ;)


  1. Your photographs are great! Heading over to Vosges! and thanks!

  2. NO on 8!!!

    I know I should probably comment on those tasty looking pumpkin seeds, but I find that my passion for No on 8 is greater than seeds.

    It pisses me off something bad when I heard ignorant people's opinions for Yes on 8.

    I almost felt the need to walk out of a church service because the priest was preaching Yes on 8. God I hate that so much, hypocrisy at its best.

  3. I used to live in CA and although I love Oregon and don't wish to move back, I admit I wish I could add my NO vote to proposition 8. I've been quite steamed up about it in the past few days. Why on earth shouldn't you get to register someday?!

    About seeds- I really love pumpkin seeds but not their shells. Shelling them seems like a pain in the ass but I just might do it this year. I like them on soup.

  4. I made pumpkin seeds yesterday, too -- using Heidi's recipes for hot-and-sweet and curried seeds. Yum.

    Re: gift registry ... when DPaul and I first registered as domestic partners 15 years ago, we actually registered at Macy's. For months afterwards I received mail for Mrs Sean Brown.

  5. Based on your descriptions, I'm looking forward to trying Bourbon and Tahiti. One or the other will end up in Biscotti, which I love experimenting with, among other things. Great info Garrett!

  6. Hey Vanilla Garlic!

    Tried out the strawberry mini cupcake recipe of yours! Turned out quite nice, except it was strawberry'y''d noted the same thing in your post too. Even with the glaze, I couldn't quite get a strong sberry flavor. Any suggestions? May be I should add some strawberry essence or extract the next time.

    But was great fun making it though!

  7. My husband and I already sent our overseas ballots eagerly in, with NO on 8 filled as dark as possible. Everyone should get to register for a good set of knives. :)

    And I'm a pumpkin seed evangelist when it come's to Elise's recipe-- works perfectly every time!

  8. You had me confused with photos of punkin seeds and talk of vanilla beans. I was pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy the combination. NOW I get it. My seeds are soaking so maybe I'll try a quick boil.

    As for Prop 8, I KNEW you people were just angling for wedding presents. HA! Seriously, the Humboldt bloggy community is more sophisticated than you might think...many posted blogs for WRITE TO MARRY DAY.

    And Clifford, I believe I would have made the point and left the service...right down the center aisle. Few issue seem this important.

    Now to go boil my punkin seeds.

  9. beachcomber- Believe me I would of but I was with my Grandparents and didn't want to embarrass them. Thankfully they also are going to vote No on 8. Really, they were pretty annoyed with it as much as me, being that one of their daughters is gay.

  10. I live in San Diego, and my suburb seems pretty evenly divided over the 8 issue. My hope lies with the young people, who don't have the hangups of so many of their elders (yep, I'm an "elder," too). I'm not much of a praying gal, but I am praying for No on (H)8!

  11. I just bought Vosges "Mo's Bacon Bar"--I had to when I realized it had actual bacon in it! Smokey, salty, and a hint of meatiness in smooth milk chocolate. Total awesome. I'm hoping to sometime soon make a bacon and chocolate cake, perhaps with maple frosting... We'll see...


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